Tour de Burg 2006.

 Some have said that it is the best damn fun that you can have on a bike.  I agree.  Others preach the word of the "slum" - the pain, misery and suffering that magically disappear with the reward, that a only a big sheet eating grin at the bottom of endlessly long and groovin fast single-track can begin to describe.  There are those who are afraid and maybe a few that should be.  If I total my epics (but my memory is short) for 2006  it might equal what will be taken in and put down in this years version of the tour.    Some may focus this event as a peak in their training schedule, while for those in the high'r echelons it is just another week in the training schedule.  Best of all there are fast women; personally I can't surround myself by enough fast women, so I just try to stay in front of 'em  (well that really didn't happen on this go around)Single speeds may come, but as of yet, don't come back.  Two stages on road bikes, but never is there not enough dirt.  A clean and green (plus! now!! good for you!!!) gathering from the North and South, from near and far, ride together and pull apart all under the watchful eye of the new Mussai.   But, it all fits wonderfully  together in a little world where everyone loves the long ride.  All the food drink and spirit to keep it flying by, soon it will be just a blur.

viVA le Tour, yall