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Tri-State Triathlon 2003



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Wow!!  The 2nd annual Tri-State Triathlon was more than some expected.  Especially without the rain! 

Team did really well.  Our relay team finishes somewhere in the middle of the pack. While our Olympic team mate Tony Dickens finished 3rd in his class and our Sprint team mate Dwayne Walters finishes 2nd in his class respectively!! Overall, we were edged out of 1st place by 90 seconds by team Huntington YMCA. Oh well, we had plenty of healthy fun and we'll give it a go next year too!!  Thanks to everyone who supported us.

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Chris Jarvis as a last minute fill in to bike for a team goes out and burns up the pavement with one of the fastest times of 1:07 over the 24 mile distance. Jason Hager and Corey Jarvis take on the course solo and finish.  Hats off to them for doing the tri (Good job!).  Rob St.Jean in the swim, Mike Bowen on the bike and Kevin Fletcher on the run (relay team) were blazing thru the course really fast while on a close chase to try and catch the 1st place relay team (YMCA) from Charleston. For times and places go to to find out.  Thanks again to the crew at for putting on the event. See you next year!!


The kids make their transition from swim to bike and then the run as HealthyHuntington.Org kicks off the triathlon on Saturday.

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Are we ready to get wet?  You'll have no choice if you're doing the swim at this weekends Tri-State Triathlon with the kids First-Try a Triathlon on Saturday and the adults Triathlon on Sunday.  As we head into the day, we'll know weather or not if we'll be getting wet regardless of the swim.  The forecast is rain!!  Not so much on Sunday but some lingering into the morning.  If you are doing the Triathlon - have fun!  It about success in health.  Check back later as there may be some pictures and other editorial.  By the way, thanks to Healthy for putting on this event.



The 1st Annual Tri-State Triathlon was a blast!!  At 7:45am Sunday morning the swim started....  boy what an experience.  I cant remember the last time I swam, or better yet, the last time I swam that early in the morning.  Must have been more than 15 years ago while trying to catch an early morning surf session??  Oh well,  some of the familiar faces at his event came with team names like "Little Debbie Land Sharks" (Mike Bowen, Drew Morse and John Wirts) and "Buy-Write Media Makers" (Jason Hager, Brain Chenoweth and Alex Bourgeois).  With a few other familiar faces and over 170 people participating, it was really neat to be a part of a triathlon.  Hats off to everyone at Healthy and their sponsors for putting on a fun event.  This event is highly recommended for everyone of all ages! Check out the site and the list of times.


We'll another year of 24 hour racing at Snowshoe has come and gone.  Team BFAT and D.A.D. represented the area with respectable finishes.    Chris Jarvis of Team bFAT set a record lap of 54 minutes on his first lap.  Ed Ross-Clunis was a solid performer throughout the entire race.  His 24hr racing experience was clearly evident.  Mike Sirott's first 24hr race was an experience we're sure he'll never forget.  He was impressive as he maintained an excellent showing.  bFAT led the first few laps by putting their opponents on the chase.  That soon enough changed as we began a push the rest of the day! bFAT ended with a 2nd place finish in the Clydesdale class and walked away from the podium with some swag - a set of Cane Creek "C" brakes and levers and pads as well as aprons with the 2nd place 24hr Snowshoe insignia.  bFAT ranked 28th overall out of approx. 190 teams.  bFAT Check out their results!  We all had a great time.

Team D.A.D. with Ronnie Stanevich, Andy Cremeans, Robert McSwegin, and the Diesel (Mike Boyes) rode just to have fun. Afterall, that is what it's really all about. They finished 7th in the expert class.  D.A.D. Check out their results!