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Those that seen the transformation of the flooded river trail, really knows what a labor of love went into preserving the single track along the Guyandotte River.   Big groovy thanks for all the work Dwayne puts to keep it clean.  Ride and enjoy - for sure!

We will be checking out the River Trail work this Thursday on the group ride.  Starting at 6:00 at the main entrance to the park, we will climb the Flag trail on the hillside, do the new TT loop before finishing up along the river.

Bike bFAT's Thursday technical time trial results.  Nothing like blowing out all the cobwebs for around a quarter hour.  Real WVMBA racing comes to the area with Sundays Race the Trace in South Charleston



fresh and FAT day 2 departure


S_D_S letters arranged in such a manner that it strikes awe, wonder or a sense of amazement into a couple of dozen of riders out there that even have half a clue.  Just a couple of days touring the trails and by-ways in the Shenandoah Valley on a route laid down that will see what you have or where you are left off before darkness takes over and the day is at an end.  No flyers or attacks to take down the non existence competition but rather an internal battle to take in and save up every thing you have to throw down against the mountain for two days and have it ask you for more. 


This was the fourth running of this spring invitational endurance tour and I have had the pleasure and pain of participating.  Definitely one of my A priority events trying to keep in touch with pro riders, world (go-cart) champions, Rocky Mountain Great Divide winners and competitors, not to mention all the Grand Tour rock stars of the east coast, that partake or have partaken in this two day classic.   This is the company that I inspire to clean up behind. 

The battle to be well rested for the 5:30 rollout from Stokesville was won by the mosquitoes and no-see-ums relentless biting attacks that made sleeping down right irritating.  Heading out for a 12 hour ride with a broken four hours of sleep in the waning darkness was only a minor obstacle.  The major obstacles of getting up and down the mountains, and heading down the roads relies solely on a solid base that a ride of this endeavor demands.  I managed to escape relatively unscathed from one exhibition of talus diving in addition to two flyers over the handle bar.  Three flats and a mysterious chronic deflation in the rear tire kept me humble and flirting with the back of the cross country train. 

Day two details the return trip from Douthat leaving the State Park via the beauty of Beards Mountain, which managed to vaporize any concerns of ability to pull off a day bigger than the day before.  The trip up Elliots followed by Crawford Mountain reintroduced any chinks in the armor and was the end of the line for a few.  Those of us that rode on course for Stokesville finished in the dark as always.

good stuff

in my book



5/6  Hard core racing at the Middle Mountain Momma - 42 miles of XX action. 

Catching up - I am running a little slow after the Douthat race knocked me out of my groove.  Out of twenty starters in the double X Andy (sorry I cut your head off) rolled in at 13th while I held onto sixth place for the day.   I got to catch most of the XC race as I entered that course (after 3 hours) right behind that race's first place rider.  Got to see first hand that my coasting skills are right up there with the pro's as we cruised off Middle Ridge.  When it was time to get back on the pedals, it was, well let's say, a good way to watch a race while you trying to just hang in it. 

5/8 Slowly easing back into it,  enjoying early morning pre-work rides.  Heading out at dawn to enjoy krispy AM temperatures, morning dew, and coffee infused energy.  Got to love the early morning trail rides this time of the year.  Though not such a big fan of what it takes to pull it off - the whole early to bed early to rise disciplines, but it is not a good idea to burn the candle at both ends.

High on the lists of thing to do before this weekends 24 hours of SDS is sleep!  Hope it makes me healthy wealthy and wise.  Wise enough to pull off two back to back 12 hour days from Stokesville to Douthat and back to Stokesville - 160 miles of true cross country MTB'ing in the Virginia highlands this Mothers Day weekend.  The less I think about it the better it is.  It is a monster ride!

River Trail Update

With Bob on the rear wheel, Mr. McCleod along for the ride and Dwayne's bFAT butt on the saddle, the three
have cleared all of the sand traps along the entire length of the River Trail.

Ride and Enjoy

It's FAST and DRY

We will be checking out the River Trail work this Thursday on the group ride.  Starting at 6:00 at the main entrance to the park, we will climb the Flag trail on the hillside, do the new TT loop before finishing up along the river.  Maybe a watering hole stop before calling it a night.  Come out and join the fun and test your metal, if you need more information and are not on the email list, just drop a note here





      4/28   Just kicking back a little is hard to do when the weather is so nice.  It is like the rain is water colors and mother nature is soaking it all up.  A great time to be in the woods with all the wild flowers painting the trail purple, yellow, and green. 

Looking at two big reality checks in the next couple weekends - first the Middle Mountain Momma XX and a little 2 day tour the following weekend.  Hopefully nothing really testing, but just a continuation of the base.  Base for what I am not really sure.  Maybe just more base training / bigger slow rides, long cross county  pacing over the course of the day.  Putting off all else just to ride a bike  and eat and recover and eat.  If that can be considered training - then training is the good part.  To be able to maybe to revel in the by-product - to push yourself at a timed or epic trial and know exactly where that red line is - that is the icing.  How sweet it is, is decided by what you put into it.

   A little taper phase lead up, looking for a certain eagerness without getting totally lethargic.  Ride consistently but keep the hours down.  Already got that "keep going" feeling a couple of times - the "runners high" that kicks in when everything is going right, rolling on a solid track with the right air pressure, temperature, every thing adjusted to a certain fitness level built over several months and years.  Traveling over land, everything moving the way it moves best.   Like a dog let off the leash - Freedom!  For now I get to cruise on this plateau for a little bit before cranking up to the next level to do it all over again.   Cycle On.





4/26  The new time trial loop has been laid down and is slowly getting beat in one rider at a time.  Weekly time trials are on the schedule for Thursdays at 6:00  meet in the grass across from the flag trail at the main entrance of the park - weather permitting.  Social loop to establish track and abbreviated timed loop.  Come out and join the fun and test your metal, if you need more information and are not on the email list, just drop a note here




4/17 Wrapping up a mini mtb camp with some high flying fun.  Logged over 14 hours of shamee time in three straight days.  Lots of prime trail conditions as Spring justed busted out in a big way. Wrapped up Monday and Tuesday hitting the Kanawha Trace and Barboursville trails with e while he was passing thru on his circumnavigation of the United States.   Brought back some memories of the old days rolling around in the woods.



Dragons Back

4/15 Curtis in the pre-ride Smaug of Dragons Back        Photo-Ahole

An eerie break in the weather along the ridge

Caught Kelly then melted down on the road

the Grouse trail after ~ 70 bikes tracked it up this was the other choice race - at Mountwood

4/15 Sunday was the soggy race on the Dragons Back near Crows, VA.  Six and a half hours orso of double X wowness - ending up with what I would like to call a "soul ride".  Andy came in nipping at my heels and described it  maybe more appropriate as a "meltdown".  Either way it's good to push your limits sometimes and push through to the end.  Very small turnout to the regular cross country course that for the most part stood up to rain before and during the race.  I will predict that the resurrection of this race will be short lived, and this possibly be the last year for this race, so to that extent I was glad we made the trip and tuffed it out.  A couple of riders from the D irty south finished 1 and 2 here are all the results.  Hooking up with Andy Joey and Curtiss for the weekend campout adventure really helped to warmed the inner soul - even if the shell was a little wet.



Get It Together

4/8  The race season is here hopefully everything is coming together and not completely falling apart.  (You should thank me now for the edited rant on that) Two series openers this weekend.  Friends of Mountwood Park are hosting the  Challenge at Mountwood.   This WVMBA Opener will give everything you need and will be sure to please.  Nice groomed trails have attracted some of the largest number riders in the West Virginia series, it is always good to see all the ole faces going fast into the slum.   

Down in Virginia, The Dragons Back is back.  This one been gone for two (?) years and 2003 was the last time I raced the XX.  Very Remote bring all you need type venue.  Questionable race markings and trail conditions.  Nine A.M. start time. 

So who can guess where I will be?

Here is a clue

Two nights of camping

Two days of riding

Hell Yes!

at the Dragon in '03




4/1 Keeping it clean thru Bear Hollow Creek and humpin' down Blackjack.


3/31 Just fooling around - rolling thru the redbuds on a KT detour before even getting into Mason.  The planned ride to roll gravel proved too soft and slummy, so at the first trail crossing it was up some switchbacks to checkout an underused section of ridgeline tread .  Sneaking out right after the rain can find wet conditions as opposed to a true mudder, if you know where to go.  The trail less traveled, the ridge top lines, low in the creek beds, ride some ditches - be the water.  If you rut it up - fix it up.   Managed to knock out mileposts 14 thru 22 before turning off.  Picked up milepost 12 near Gobbler Knob on the return trip.  Yeh, I'm counting them.  Ten out of 31 for the day.   Plan to knock out all the numbers and clean up the line before an opportunity for a Spring Crossing arises.  Out the door at 2:10 - back to a waiting hot supper at dark : 55.  Lot of time foolin' 'round with camera, I figure it is good LeMans start training.  Threw some rocks that I figured would be good for the trail.  Another good day in the saddle.




Chris Scott Shenandoah Mountain Touring - they make it E Z

3/25 Douthat State Park and GW National;  A weekend get away - working to play - arrived early enough Saturday with the Northern work crew Andy, Joeseff, and myself to hook up with the Charlottesville and Harrisonburg VA crews for some much needed trail maintenance on some big mountains.  Wrapped up that day with a little spin on Beards to loosen up the legs for the payoff on Sunday.  Warm Spring Mountain looms a 1000ft over the Douthat trails with a couple of glorious run choices to the bottom.  After a little warm up and a busted derailleur replacement on Middle Mountain, the +2k foot assault to reel in some A'hole on his single speed up the pave'  of Warm Springs proved futile.  Andy rocked the course rigid and clean.  I am out sixty bucks for a rear springy thing in addition to a front pinch flat.

3/24 Brushin' down Brushy from the top to the bottom.  What a difference a little work party can do.  Actually it was more like, I don't know, maybe 70 man hours to open this trail for super smooth sailing on Sunday ...

"little" Middle and Warm Springs Mountains







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Beech Fork is mostly a single track trail that follows around the lake leading into a combination of creek bed, hill climb, and fast downhill back to the lake.  Barboursville's Park has some nice runs from the top with  numerous scenic overlooks from the  sheer  cliffs and steep drops. The flat single track that follows the river and comes out behind the lake - is where the real fun can begin or end. Click on the link at top of page - above (right or left) to see a map!    The  Kanawha Trace and Adahi Trails are 32 mile and  17 mile multi user trails crossing over private land.  Check with the Tri-State Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America for trail information and registration.


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