9/22  Rambling in Beech Fork SP

This trough is out there, and I actually think I can get back there relatively easily - it's the getting back thing that can become and issue.  Time to add some more weight to the back.  Put together a good Oh Shit bag, and a couple of light sources as the mindset turns from lightweight racer to tourist taking in new sights. 

So yeah, I don't know, these are popping out along the Lost Trail

Less than a dozen in count and about the size and feel of a volley ball. 




9/11  KT Xing


KT services in the morning - driving the shuttle to start at mile 31 on the Fraziers Bottom side.  That's Rob, Ed, and Gilbert on the bridge in Hell's hollow.  An about 8 AM start allowed me to ride up to Lookout point and backtrack on some trail then road to get back in about and hour and a half in the foggy morning start, while.  No break-neck pace, we stopped about 100 yards in for the first flat of the day, then again less than a mile down the trail.  Some patching and picking of thorns, and we were all on track again. 

The plan for the 3 B'villians was to make it back the 31 miles of the Kanawha Trace to their cars at exit 18.  I don't know if the got it all in, because my game plan was to test the geared bike that morning then head up to the Bob Evan's race at noon and see how fast I could push the single through the woods.  Pulled out a second place up there, Ohio series master Chris Skinner has become my "Newman" in regards to foiling my plans for those sought after 1st place points.

 photo Philip Poff


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Times they are a changing


testing gears on the KT


Exploring the hills at BFSP




go on back






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