10/30 Kentucky Slickrock


Good stuff high on the rocks...





seeing the sights,

no one in sight. 




10/29 Darkness Falls




Not the time to find out your light doesn't work.  Again.





10/28 KT 6 to 11


Headed out near darkness chasing the sun, general loop in the head gives to an eastern turn on the Kanawha Trace.  Pick up where Saturdays ride headed west.  Ridgeline humps immersed with brilliant single track sections, Adams Hollow and onward, up into Cannan Lands.  Finish on McCommas Branch in the dark.  The ride feeds the head - a quest to knock out a complete KT in a series of rides before the week ends is hatched.  A couple of weekend runs should finish it out.  Sent out the call to the mass, we will see who bites. 





10/25 Keeping On


Four days of swollen tenderness.  Over laziness for the sake of recovery, resisting the visual call of the changing of the season that tugs one out the door for the show.  Weekend at home - KT 6 to 1   








10/20 That Princess can be a Bitch

Wasn't really the weekend I was hoping for, maybe the two-timing affair on Huckleberry was too much to wish for.  Basically the plan was to retrace the double header of Spruce Knob/North Mountain ride from a couple of weekends ago.  Somewhere on Huckleberry Trail, on a goofy little restart my front wheel buries in some rock hole and I am launched head over heels, a tuck and roll deposit but twisted my left ankle prior to ejecting the vehicle.  Slum out the rest of the ride to make it back to the camp and grub.  Called it quits after just a little bit of the fire side festivities in favor of some elevated recovery.  Caught the crew on North Mountain after driving up old forest road 79 for the last ride by, before hobbling home.  Not all fun and games, not always, I guess. 









Riddles Retake 


Tomi Tells



Joely smugs


10/15 Back in Gear


Got "new" wheels; A blown Triad has shut down the Loungejumper.  My Fox shcok was spewing oil out around the damping knob.  If you don't know "that is the worst way" I didn't know, but that is what Fox tells me.  Gave me a RA to send it back for a rework.  I expect the turn around to be slow, esp since I have yet to send it off.  A year and a half of set and forget service - I would have been happier if it would have last an year and a half and a week, but there is always to be that next ride...  Checked out the local options for a back up and came up with nothing or something that didn't fit, so went into strip and salvage for a fun and dependable weekend bike.  Pumping steel & big fat rubber, gets me all exited.   Gave it a worthy shake-down on the Pine Mountain Trail try to shake thing loose.  I think it's ready, I know I am.  




 just measuring


 oops!, thank you Mr. Nature Preserve Man




Safety Man says it must go


10/9 Barboursville park - last ride for Stumpy




10/11 Lincoln 50


Yeh road riding - it happens.  But this was Phil christening  50 miler on the road, and on a course that he laid out in the head.  Pretty sweet ride - vintage lug steel Paramount.  Now we need to steer that thing towards some gravel...









10/8 Picture This


About three and a half hours east of nowhere


is a Snowbird Princess

She grants passage

 into her autumn wonderland

For lucky bands of rolling mortals of  fat tire clans

Only the strong willed, swift of hand and feet need abide

Her graces on your faces, eyes, and ears will mesmerize

Get you high then let you fly












we so slay that trail




laying it down for a night 





day two kicks off in style



take it in again








catching the last light




Snowbird Princess photo by   Harlan Price



10/6  For those keeping track...




North Mountain Trail to North Gap - Seneca Rocks







end at




miles (about)

5 mortals









Seneca Rocks - Spruce Knob - Huckleberry Trail - Allegheny Trail - Seneca Rocks








at the

top of 



end at






ft of



13 mortals








10/3   I Should Listen




John Muir - "go to the mountains and get their good times"


Tomi McMiller - "gotta strike while the iron is hot, ya know."


and Mom - "if you want to go you should go"


i want to go

but justify the time and the dough

, can i be on North Mountain at 9AM?  Just finished rolling up enough grub for a weekend so that is a step in the right direction.  It is going too much be beautiful.  Spruce up on Sunday would be a blessing.  Digging a hole with empty Millers - it is Friday AND payday. and does the blogging slow me down or motivate me out?  hmmmmm, out, but only if I post it.  ~  8:15 

looking at


looking at a hot iron 


 see nice new things





older >>








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