5/30  PTD from TSE

Post Tour Depression, I used to laugh at that, but I have felt the truth.  I have heard that the only cure being the next big thing.  So, here I sit wallowing in the past, but I need to get passed this before moving on.  And speaking of moving on - I sent in my letter of intent to this year's Tour de Burg, where this touring thing gets cranked up a notch.  Longer miles, longer days, and longer sitting around taking in nature.

I worked in the most of that on the last day of the TSE.

photo from Team Dicky by Chris Meriman

The single-speed class neutralized themselves as far racing was concerned.  I relied on my team mates  to give our team a finishing time, and I held way back with with the rest of the single speeders.  One way to postpone PTD is to put off ending the race.  There where a lot of antics going on and lots of down time to be had (more for some than for others).  

So to get myself moving on, my photos with the team story line from the week, can be found at:

My photos from the week


And this will get you (and me) to the events professional photographer:

ae landes photography



This year's promo with last years action,  that is me rolling the rocks, sandwiched in-between Sue Haywood and Dicky - just where I can only dream to be.

Watch more video of Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage Race 2011 on cyclingdirt.org




5/24 The Trans-Slyvania Epic

Most people will not even know what this means to me.  Memorial Day week, so appropriate.  

Road Tripping time, we are getting the team back together.  


The ultimate plan is to have fun and Iím positive we will be successful in that category, probably first place. You can go ahead and engrave the medallions on that one.

Peace Y'all


5/20  Ultra Wayne

Steping back up at Wayne Ultra.  Leading out with the podium shot, it can really ruin the suspense to the story as to where I finished.  For those of you with podium placement issues, I am standing in the third place position. I sit here Wednesday morning pecking  out a this report with still shredded leg.  The soreness in the quads didn't settle in till two full days after the race.   A lingering body shock effect from the return to racing.  And old age.   

The start located at Leigth Run State Park along the Ohio River surpisely offers lots of climbing and huge amounts of single track in the Wayne National Forest.  The paved road start or maybe my reluctance to ramp it up early found me and my single speed drifting way back before we ever hit dirt.  Once on the trail everybody was all bent on a ridiculous high race pace that I just settled into and held on.  Get in line look for gaps up ahead and fill them when you get the chance was the game plan.  I found myself in a same pace with the eventual single speed winner Andy Forron and initiated a high side pass on a gap maker in front of us.  Must have picked up a thorn in the brush, because in a couple of minutes I was starting to feel the rear tire deflate.  I didn't want to roll it off the rim, that would have meant a lengthy tube installation.  It eventually took two stops and two CO2 cartridges before it was inflated proper, and in the process I seen a lots of racers go by.  Another stop after clipping a handlebar and had to tighten some bolts there. 


Rabbit Season!

After all the starting and stopping, I was passing a lot of the same riders over and over and over, I tried to keep my cool and not get too excited.  Lots of steady gunning, hunting down one rabbit at a time.  It was a long race at four and a half hours so I didn't want to rush it and push it into the red zone.  They came to me one by one, lots of passing till I met up with homeboy Kris A in the final leg to the finish, who after seeing me only lit a fire to keep me away. 



So a couple or three minutes lost with all the quick bike repairing going on early, that without I could have maybe caught a glimpse of the geared and squishy Root and rallied for a position, who finished  three minutes ahead of me.    Which doesn't really matter, it felt good to be feeling good going fast, awesome day and hot racing action and finished in the money.  Not complaining one bit. 



Race data from someone faster than me



5/15 Back to Groovy

Big break, but if you read the words and not just look at the pictures, you would know, that I have been in rehab.  Completely off the bike for 12 straight days.   In The Big Picture scheme of what is this year I had planned on a recovery phase after going big at the SDS pro tour.  But The Middle Montain Mama race in there as a WVMBA Ultra, and that's another favorite spring race.  Being the points whore that I am, I wanted to go head to head with the WV seniors.   Easy pickins' for points in Chief Logan too. 

Racing don't equal resting, so I guess my body put the smack down on what my brain thought was going to be some fun point whorin'.  The body can really drive home its point when it says you are pushing a little too far.  It was a huge block that led up to the break-down.  Eight straight weeks as 4 day work weeks, earning my wage, and 3  days for pushing cranks.  This spring training ritual is inspired by the likes of non-other than Diesel Powers.  I figured that if it could work for him back in 2001, that it could work for me, even if I am a bit older.  

I sat it out both races feet up on the bench, up until the littlest of atrophy knee pain overtook the pain of the shin splint.  An easy hour and half spin took care of both.  A week of mtb, mostly spinning, some longer walkings, concentrating on form, I worked that one hour ride (that took 1.5) to a very nice seven hour compilation of the best to be had around here.   I feel completely recovered and that I have healed stronger because of it.  Plateau climbing, guess some are harder than others. 

Bear Hollow Creek, Kanawha Trace mile 20 


Laurel Branch, Kanawha Trace mile 5



Which brings me to The Wayne Ultra.  That is The Wayne National Forest in Marietta, Ohio.  Not to be confused with "Out Wayne", which is another place entirely.  I have been told there is always a "The" in The Wayne, but OTW just doesn't convey the real feeling;


The ole number six is going to be fastened to the newest secret weapon, IF you want to see it when it is not just a blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,  Check it out here.




5/1 The Big Picture

It's going to happen, ready or not

This is not a countdown.

But really, it is.




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