5/27  It don't stop

The riding goes on, tho the blogging may lag.  Cool long days are perfect for bike riding.  Seem to burn the candle continually around this season, 9PM supper time and crash up w/The Sun burn burn burn.  Not much time on-line.  Time to pile on the hours.  Riding buds to keep you honest, keep you on your toes - push you thru your weariness.  A little is good  

but when you start to drop drop off mid sentence
maybe one needs to look a little closer at recovery find that happy balance

5/26 The woods are alive!

Cicadas Rock

full on ride soundtrack


5/25  Trifecta Recon

Park Super D

6 mile downhill


can you hit it?

take your chance on the weakly.

5/24  Slummin solo





5/19 Douthat-Stokesville

 montage of trails by Harlan

 get the picture  from J Kelly's album

   5:30 AM - snapped awake from a deep subconscious tightening that had been wrapping around the looming pinnacle of the weekend - all 4442ft of Elliot's Knob.  Try to forget it's followed by the 5 huge A hike-A-bikes of Crawford.  Try to forget it all and get another bothersome broken hour and a half of clean sheets.  Calm silence contemplation is broken by the faint odor of filtered coffee.   Time to get it in gear.  7 AMish - ignite the system with 8oz of caffeinated fuel followed  big boy breakfast burritos.  Got turned on to a healthy dose of SportLegs to address my reoccurring cramping issues that I have been dealing with.  No craamps on day two so I guess maybe worth looking into. 

minimal bike love with a fresh film of oil to the drivertrain, squeeze some tube - time to roll

ease the ass in

head uP Beards Gap

out Douthat's back door

the trail that got all the love - all the work

The remote terminus of Beards Mountain ridge trail puts out onto route 42 north

in line for Elliots

post rain laundry

tOmi  fills in the gaps

Shenandoah Mt Touring Galleria catches the rest and puts it all together

two 12 hour days

high mountains

serious trails

good times


5/18 Stokesville-Douthat

Once again.   It doesn't get any easier  -  knowing what I think I should know.    Most of the anxiety  was gone,  I was in for the full two day pull.   I knew I could hang with the big boys when they play.  The route is chiseled in the mind  -  I was there when it was pioneered  and scouted with all the wrong turns and bogus miles that goes with scouting and pioneering.    I have lived the nightmare that is Little Mare - 5 miles of climbing bizarro sweet trail after 50 miles into day one.  I know people love that sort of stuff.    It lasts forever and is gone so quickly.   Just a little extra pain baggage to carry for a couple of days before it fades into the jumbled grey matter of memories. 


Day One

5:30 rollout chasing morning shadows for the view of Braley's.

The only thing that beats the view, is the ride off - all single all the time.

tuck camera and ride

Welcomed road sections to connect more trail and play

cupcakes ! everywhere


people love this

Lil' Mare


mmm - candy


Happy campers winding down in Douthat State Park. 

75 miles, some arbitrary 16 thousand feet of climbing

(that's just day one)


5/13 pre-prep

good time to get these things out of the system

put these things in ...



5/11  Mudders Day

good to be

right at home

 ... this is actually an improvement, till the gravel ran out.   The creek crossing and the heavy thunderstorm got the bike cleaned up nicely



wheel floppin up blue blaze



Charlotte NC, was nice.  Nice to have a weekend race in the middle to tear things up.  Nice to sit it a classroom with the shredded legs (for 3 days).  Lactate relief on the road bike in the evenings, lapping the empty business park lots.  Nice to see some new sights driving the Blue Ridge Parkway and hiking some of the Appalachian Trail for the first and second times, respectfully. 

Let the mind rewind.


5/9 Appalachian Trail

on foot

by car

i77 between Bland and Bastian VA - the AT crosses the interstate. 

Three miles out and back.  It was like a parade of through hikers.

busy little trail.

I was giddy

well good for me




5/4 Middle Mountain Momma!

8:30 AM rolling 220 from the Wilson Creek campsite - shaking out the pre race gitters

Douthat State Park

The XX - double cross county - 40 miles.  So why did I start so hard?  I guess cause I could.  It was a good start But shouldn't a have.   Things like this usually tend to bite hard and by the 25th mile the little twitches turned to mighty protests.  Chugged a half gallon of water at the Sandy Gap hike-a-bike but by Beards Mt things where reduced to a near crawl to the top.  Mind over matter - just ride it out, hold on to the work that inflicted the knarnage.  No spots lost, but plenty of time.  When will I learn?  Do I really want to?  ONE minute difference (slower) than last years time at five hours and five minutes.  Old age settling in slowly.

5/3 Blue Ridge Parkway

80 miles of Sightseeing at 45 mph - tacking at 2K . Fancy Gap to Roanoke VA


4/30 Sabbatical




I will be back May 10 sometime.   no updates till then.   On the road - little working riding and some racing.

go on

you go ride



4/26 KT Spring  Xing

Crossing of the Kanawha Trace is a ride I try to get in some fashion at least once a year.  A Spring weekend is prime time to put tracks to this 32 mile Boy Scout trail.  I had my doubts if could be pulled of so soon while my rid cage healed up.  Andy was on board as wing man and kept things on track for a Saturday departure, while I down-played the magnitude of the ride.  I did take one day off the bike and use that time to chock the fuel tank.  The daily bowl of oatmeal (apple, cinnamon, flax seed and peanut butter) 2 egg and sausage biscuits from Hardees (fulfilling 8AM meetings) for breakfast.  All of one large $5 Little Caesars' pepperoni pizza for lunch.  Rocco's pasta and a big salad topped out the days caloric intake with a late 9 o'clock supper.  As I watched the areas only certified broadcasts meteorologist spout of about exactly when the rain was going to be at such and such and how your day was going to be, I thought, bullshit my forecast would be that the rains would peter out, and my day would be just fine.  Well there was no rain, not even a drop.  I mean those guys get paid a lot to pretend they know what they are doing.  Maybe I am a little jealous.

Saturday morning we ran the auto shuttle to Hurricane and started the ride behind Saturn.  This left the trail head was 15 miles away along dwindling road surfaces.  Up and over to Fraziers Bottom in a hour five enjoying the easy rolling pace while we could.  A quick water top off and a snack before we hit the trail for the first 4 mile leg that stutter steps up to Lookout Point.  I hoped we could make it thru the 1000ft of climbs in an hour, things looked good with at mile 30 with a fresh reroute from low in the creek to up into the woods.

so fresh you - can smell it

Then the first deflation of the day came at 29 in the countdown of miles.  That deflating feeling you get when you realize you may not have a spare tube at exactly the same time your rear tire is going flat.  And what if it's going flat cause you rip the valve stem loose, cause that is unrepairable - and that is what it was.  Andy only had one 29" spare tube due to the fact I took his 26" spare about a week or so ago and hadn't paid him back.  After eating some crow about how I could go so rooky on this ride, I proceeded to jam and fold the 29'r tube into my little tire.  Got it up to pressure - no lump no bump no problem the rest of the day.  We roll past Lookout at one and a half hours trail time.  Four miles of trail in 90 minutes - just 28 more miles!  Things pickup as the Trace goes down and back roads; Mount Zion, Guyan Creek, Bear Hollow. Miles start to tick off a little faster now, one by another.

ramps ?  

 A 25 minute Lunch stop around mile 20 near Blackjack felt like it was five.  Didn't want to leave but there was many a mile ahead.  Cow fields and gravel and hike a bikes and sweet single track blurred together while they tick by. 

4 hours ride time - quite time settles in

where there's bull there's bullshit

The last photo - it was all hump to finish after this. 

6:50 KT time

8:00? total ride time



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