3/28 Rainy Sunday

Waited out what looked like a day long rain.  It got a little brighter around 4:30 and got a peek at the sun!  Rolled back in at way past d8rk thirty.  Good thing I was on familiar ground as the bike light was on the shop bench.  Riding by brail skills = honed.   Also got completely wet, and a little muddy.   But the bike and the shoes came back cleaner than they started and than was all I really wanted.


3/27 1/2 KT miles 15 to 1


Nice new route.  This one came together spur of the moment like.  Out on the road for the halve way point of the Kanawha Trace which I consider to be Barkers Ridge.  Adahi approach to Wilson Woods intersection of KT. Turned the KT for the downhill action to McCommas Branch (mile 11) and up the gravel to Gobbler Knob, which put me to my feet (I was the only one walking).  Round the ridge and back to trail on mile 14 and passed a troop out hiking on a fine fine day.  Always bypassing mile 13, because it is so unluckily steep and you get take the gravel which turns to creek for about 100 yards for the bike wash (also known as Big Cabell Creek).  Hit up the old stomping ground known as Wooly and got back on the Trace before the Canaan Lands hut.

down from mile 14 into Hammer Hollow


heading up Wooly

water stop then on down the trail


last leg of KT to mile 1

Almost six hours out for me with the 10 mile (2 ways) ride commute. Not too many delays, just the normal goof offs and one 3 patch patching session from Andy.


3/25 Grayson WMA

3/24 All work and no play

Well we can't have that can we?

The trail work day seen ten cyclist out to work on the new trail segment. Thanks to everyone that came out. Benched groomed and grubbed, it should set up nicely with just a little time.    The next project will be with the River Trail recovery - still should not be venturing down on that mud covered  trail yet.  Trail dates will be posted in the bike bFAT email group.

Ed and Gilbert demonstrating two different ways to cross a log.  Take your pick if you take this line but, I would choose pulling up.


3/18 Good Fun and Racing


Rumble in the Jungle

Getting back on track here after four days of leading the high tour life, or should I say "major tour" as the Athens Messenger called it.  Four disciplines over four days started of with 4+ minute downhillish style time trial.  Defiantly some room in there to be pushing a big ring.  But alas I was on the single speed though don't think it would made any difference in the standing.  Gaps would be in mere seconds but prologue rankings can tell the order of things for thee following day.  Fifth on the day behind the local boys and first place pro Brain Matter.

I took some haphazard photo action with a fuzzy brown focus that was tuned to racing so if I missed you face, then you can blame my race face - 'cause yeah, I had it on! 

ladies and gentlemen STARt you engines!!


Grab and Git

 I got disqualified for cheating off Jim.  Not really cheating is perfectly allowed.  Five very interesting check points and some put-put skills. Then there is the whole cork thing.  Plus I have to read a map + ride a bike.  Doesn't bode well with me.  Lost 45 minutes to Mr. Shulz, but got 30 back after the corks were figured in.  Tooled around with the Tornado as guide, or I may still be out there. 

Gravel Rouser Classic

55 mile day according to the GPS data Most of that tooling around  in a chill group ride, then ten miles of throwing down.  Nice showing of the guys from back home Dwayne, Andy, Jay, Keith P and Brain B out to enjoy the first day of Spring.

 Coolville Tunnel

Race Staging at Lake HOpe

Some hair scrambled mountain bike racing.  Ten mile loop at Lake Hope on fast firm trails. A good time in the woods chasing all the wheels that got away, locking in all but two and ended up in third spot.  First GRC podium for myself, thank you very much.


 coasting home

Death Loop

Day four on the legs and saving the best for last.  The trails around Strouds Run Park, are well suited to my personal taste in dirt.  Tight twisty stuff with fun little rollers thrown in the mix.  Keep a good flow make every peddle stroke count  dodge all the obstacles that are flying by so close too fast.

I was running the gear that I ran all week (32x18) and from the scouting reports I had coming in was that the other single speeders was running 32x20.  So I figured that my equipment could carry me.  All had to do was pedal pedal pedal (and coast just a little) I  found myself out front after the roll out and ran it for all I had.  Brain Matter came up to me at the beginning of the Thunderbunny on his Top Fuel Trek to find my wheel and I think he settled in to just wait for me to mistroke or to just wrap it up around a tree or ditch or something, so he could slide on by.  That never happened so I led.   A good ally to keep in sight, block any chance of passing  as I figured he paid more attention at the start to the race directions. 

So there was some stop and go stuff for direction confirmation and Brian goes on as I try to get my heart out of my throat while rolling up to the last bit of trail. Pete makes his way up to me on the last leg and lights a fire under me to make him work for it.  But with no where to pass on tight single track I would like to think that I was just too much work.   Finished second on the day so I am pretty stoked about that. 

      seems like it flew by so fast, these major tours are so much fun!

 Thanks again, every one.


be throwing the facebook photos soon...



The River Trail at Barboursville Park was  under water in many sections. Those sections where the water has receded is left with a layer of mud.  Please avoid the River Trail during this time of drying.  There are other options of trails in the park that are ride-able.  Thank you for your cooperation.


3/15 Pop a wheelie it is here!



What is it, you may ask?  It is time to ride, with the time change it is time to enjoy some more daylight after work.  It is time for the days to start warming up more and more.  A Spring rejuvenation as Mother Nature starts to sprout and blossom is right around the corner.  But the it that I am referring to the start of the "race" season that the Gravel Rouser has come to signify.  And I put quotation marks on race as  that these events have there moments of that dreaded race feeling but they are based more on fun, especially fun are the weekend events, with just tads of those dreaded race feeling - if you so chose.

After that the West Virginia Mountain Bike race schedule kicks in full force with fun events and lots of the race.  These races can be about going fast for those in all the different class competitions or striving to achieve that personal best and push your limits.  But the fun side of these races are what it is about for most of the pack.  The social aspect of these local grassroots are inviting and are a great way to meet other likened ability riders as well as mingle with some very fast riders. In the process you will explore lots of great places to ride on well maintained courses.  Supporting your local race is directly related to supporting your local course.  Which around here would be

 The dirt Derby

We are working on a new lap course this year that will be entirely within the park, moving the start to the afternoon, and lowered the entry fee to give everyone a chance to enjoy the event.  More information will be forthcoming here and at iplay Outside of course.

It looks to be a fun season (of going fast)!!


3/6 Peer Pressure

I was leaning toward road bikes or maybe just gears.  Didn't really have the desire to coast, but after a solid diet of only fixed mountain biking for three weeks, my legs where feeling a little toasty.  But the Saturday group ride was forming up and an overall preference of hitting trail while the trails where somewhat hittable, prevailed.  So a backwards somewhat Tour de Mason was planned out. Dwayne wanted something in the lines of the upcoming Gravel Rouser Classic (4 day Classic that is) so he would be prepared for that 50 miler. 

Chris along Little Cabell Creek ~ mile 5 KT

The backward start gave us a chance for some trails at the beginning and Chris got in good with that couple hours of road and trail, pushing the pace along Barkers Ridge before splitting off.  We three turned off at the Left Fork and preceded North by Northeast to Guyan Creek Road for the first sampling of 7+ miles of dirt, leg.  Sweet hard packed dirt.  Into Upland, Mt Zion, and Lookout point, which by the very sound of it, is one of the high points in the area, and the half way point.


dWayne dropping off Lookout Point

More fine sampling of dirt roads rolling down Fairview road on some fun rollers for Dwayne And Andy.  I continued in a limping mode due to some nagging mechanicals.  But this section was too good to deprive the group, so yeah I had people waiting on me near the bottom of every hill.  I guess I owe some people some small pieces of chain.  

Andy follows on KT ~ mile 27

We finished up the all the dirt we could connect before putting it on the white line and heading for home a little late in the day.  The route put me off at my door first (thank you, me!) and everyone got home before dark.  Dwayne took home the solid rider of the day award, as well as the high mileage honors.  Looks like his Philmont hiking program translates well for endurance riding.  He logged 53 miles (after two hours of trail maintenance at B'ville Park) and another 6 hours out on the bike.


turning for home

3/4 Little Shepherd

Looming 1500' over Totz, Kentucky is the 180 mile long Pine Mountain.  On top of one section of that mountain is the remote roadway know as the Little Shepherd Trail/  Route 2010 gets you up in fine biking style and is one of only eight roadways to cross the mountain along it's 180 mile length.  It was a little snowy  above 2000 feet, with some freshiness along the ridge to ride in. 

Nice extended climb and no coasting on the way down, got a little sketchy towards the bottom spinout.  Hey, stop and take a picture!  Regroup and hit it again.   It looked like this ...


3/2 Shawnee State Forest, Ohio


map my ride

Threw down 20 miles in the Shawnee Forest on some forest and paved roads and a little bit of "trail"  Near Portsmouth, Ohio's largest state forest contains mile upon mile of forest and back country style roads.  Plus a 40 mile backpack loop.  So many remote roads that the few  times I have been there I always get of track and end up pedalin way more than I usually plan.  That place is loaded with trails, not necessarily those intended for biking.  The picture above is from a gated bridal trail.  I didn't see a wedding taking place, so I went for anywho.  I seen only one example of true single-track but it was going off in a direction that did not suite my needs.  There was a huge fire in the forest last summer so some of the trails where sacrificed for the sake of fire breaks.  So I won't diss on it too much.





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