3/26 Going Local


Eleanor Time Trial Series

This was a lot of fun.  Got a call on the day of - whirlwind of work and chit got me there at 6:10 as the first rider was off.  Bike off the car and me on the bike in literally seconds.  Spin up and back.  Quick rolling pleasantry's and GO!  Forgot to ask about the course - if it was the same as last year or how it was marked.  Super spin out the flat lead-in to the trail entrance and I seen that I just had to follow the arrows.  Simple.  Up into the woods and into the fixies element - up and back and up and back again.  Head down looking for the next up.  and then up.  and up.  and shit!  Where are the arrows?  and up.  Where is the swept trail?  shitshit.  Up and over and to an intersection that should bring back down and on course.  Nice trail.  Oh well, enjoy downhill.  and shit.  and up.  and right back to déjà vue .  Back-tracked and did another little loop before making it back to the underlooked arrow.  No time to give up.  Rolling out to sirens blaring, maybe a full scale rescue was under way?  Not today.gimmee my point


I want that belt

marked men?

3/25 Rocking Chair


new controls

pulling fingers

pushing thumbs

dragging rotor

throwing chain

feeling slow


left behind


giving it time



3/22 Gravel Rouser

Good times in the cool north.  Athens Ohio was about 20 degrees colder than the home place, but the lure of the pac tugs hard, something you can't get around here, at least not on a mountain bike.  The 20 mile ride out was a nice and mellow pace.  The race stage seen myself with another short lived hole shot followed by holding on regrouping and focusing.  A long enough stage to find a groove and keep a couple rabbits in the sights on some fun trails.  The road back was long and hard.  A poorly timed flat put me to the back and out of the road kill competition.  All I got was a frog. 

Fixed Gear Revelations

This is the ride that last year induced my seasonal retirement of the fixed gear.  The steep road rollers on the way back spanked hard with a 2:1 ratio.  Kicking out and surfing feels like cheating, but was really necessary to keep in contact with those that doddled in the back.  The bike is not really set up for rolling road fast, so I shouldn't be so fast to kick it aside as quickly this year.  Just keep it more so in it's element - off road and on trails. I can do that. Now that things are firming up a bit I am planning on planting my butt on some squish, but will keep in ss close at hand.  It is so easy to grab when it is right.



3/21 Local Knowledge - Get It


 You want to know where to ride?

check this out


3/20 Thunder Bunny Time Trial


...Aaron "the Tornado" Burke nears the finish on Thursday's evening TT

 There is something about strapping on that number plate, it kinda gets you all exited.  20 minutes of all out going at it for all it's worth.  Felt a lot like racing. 


Finished 6th in the genetic sort, right along with the usual suspects.  The men's podium was rounded out by Bryan Matter, Andy, and Craig.  Single speed was the way to go for most as the track was defiantly on the soft side and generally gumming up the works. 

The festivities continue for the next 3 days

Rouser Info

3/16 Trail Finds

Dwayne, Andy, and myself got out Sunday afternoon on the Kanawha Trace at Fraziers Bottom and did some major clearing from mile 31, opening a clean line to mile 27.  Cleared some major tree falls, brushed the line and worked on draining water away from the trail.  The plan was for a little hiking and a little biking.  Work presided right up to darkness leaving the cherry fresh ride for another day.  The trail underpass under the new four lane construction is looking better every trip and it looked like there may even be some sorely needed trail head parking in the works.  Keep your fingers crossed!




3/15 Punching a Hole

before and after

Back to back views a couple months apart.

Adahi Trail at Camp Arrowhead

a little more before...

all cleared


3/13 Black Jack


Thursday is the woods way out to Blackjack - making the run clean

Dropping the hammer down Hammer Hollow

finish at dark

when else?

3/12 Save Up


Got to dig the Daylight Saving Time when you can pull off a weekday evening like this.


 One more day then it's back to Winter


3/10 Here Today Gone Tomorrow


Weekend snow and feeling a way bit wore down.  Little park ride Sunday in the dispersing snow and by Monday all traces of the white stuff were gone.  Trace Creek climb (ouch and ouch then ouch) and and couple miles of grooming and tracking the Kanawha Trace on Monday (miles 27-29) More wet dirty laundry for the machine.

Bit it hard and I am still trying to figure out what went on.  Standing way hard on the pedals, just needing a couple more cranks to top out the short steep trail section when something gives and I am going up and over/onto the bars.  Mechanically the bike stayed tight but rack 'em both (legs) before planting to soil.  No wheels spin - with that whrrr you get when a freewheelin tire looses its grip.  Just a realization that the pedals are moving but the bike is not -  then the bike taking over and beating me down to the ground.  So I am guessing I reached the traction control limits of the fixy and the rear tire spun loose.  Either that or something was turning that wasn't supposed to be turning.  Sure was a different feeling with kinda a slow-mo release.  Sure was the same pain afterwards.  Roll it off.

3/8 Way to Roll

e hitting the Colorado concrete jungle.  Andy captures the image.  Crazy kids.


3/6 Weather Skirts

When that time comes around you have to jump on it.  Take some creative scheduling initiations.  LOck into weather.COm or just get lucky.  That time when the trails are drying and packing.  Right before the next soaker starts another slow reboot to dirt.  You got (igot) to be on that..


Stumpy gets a good jump at the start,

but the playing field leveled in the steeps

in the battle of the bikes.  Little voices say  kttt ssh



3/5 Weasel Recon and Thunder Bunny

Athens County; impromptu grouper with Joey B, Andy, Pete and Rich.  Perfect conditions for a trail ride - wet and 32 degrees.  Seen the weasel  and rode the Thunder Bunny for the first time. no camera - too busy holding on, thrashing some wet stuff to stay on top of it then keepinit tight in the leavepac that seemed to just roll on and on and on.  Thunder Bunny is fast.  The Thunder Bunny doubles your pleasure.  Okay, i Google but you can learn some interesting things.  But the Thunder Bunny Time Trail is/will be the Opening day of putting a clock to a number and seeing how time stacks up in the race of truth - the time trial.  The fixy will fly in 15 days..   


3/3 Feed Your Head


Typical beat down Monday, usually reserved for warrior recovery and  j o b .  A day of the Sun pushing mercury on drying trails and no motivation, too tried, body wanting to melt after the daily grind.  So where is the motivation?  It is right there on the wall.  Back in the middle of November a standard loop was laid out and a slummy soft base time of 1:40 was established.  A fixed geared mtb course timed with typical regrouping and trail grooming stops.  So, 5 o'clock sees me bolting and racing the remaining light.  Roll cross county down to Howells Mill to pick up the Adahi.  Hit the double up entry hard and immediately shift to ditch digger mode.  Just a couple minutes to drain some water holes in the lows.  Then back to the 1 mile stair stepper climb to Baldy and the KT.  Enjoy the sunset knowing your on top of your day with the sweet Mile 6 single track to bring you down in style.  Back to the Mill to lick the stick on the lollipop.  Park it in 1:20 flat.  So what does that prove?  First off the couch was no longer calling on my return. The ground was a good deal firmer than that first sloggy 1:40.  But I beat the clock.  Repetition and grooming will breed familiarity and trim more minutes. Then one day the track and body will come together and another 20 minutes could be trimmed, then wow then I will be fast.  A least in my head.  That is where its at (I was once told).  In your head.

3/2 Striking Oil


Things looking quite a bit different on the Adahi up in Cannan Lands on Huddleston Knob.  I would say this section of trail is out of bounds for a little while.  Crews drilling for natural gas struck oil and the heavy equipment has been brought in.  Nice surprise after 20 miles of trail that left not much choice than to hike on thru.  


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Beech Fork is mostly a single track trail that follows around the lake leading into a combination of creek bed, hill climb, and fast downhill back to the lake.  Barboursville's Park has some nice runs from the top with  numerous scenic overlooks from the  sheer  cliffs and steep drops. The flat single track that follows the river and comes out behind the lake - is where the real fun can begin or end. Click on the link at top of page - above (right or left) to see a map!    The  Kanawha Trace and Adahi Trails are 32 mile and  17 mile multi user trails crossing over private land.  Check with the Tri-State Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America for trail information and registration.


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A new Technical Time Trial course features Sunday's opening climb and two downhill sections that will not be   ~20untry.


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