1/8 Grayson Lake small Circumnavigate

Wow what a lame month of blogging - one post for the entire month.  It is not like I haven't been riding, exploring, and seeing new things.  I will contribute it to candle burning, you know, at both ends.  Work takes up so much time and energy sometimes, add on to that 15 - 20 hours logging saddle time.  I have to look at the big picture.  Leave you with the small ones. 

Awesome Winter riding.  One has to take advantage of it while you can.  Beating the weather front getting ahead of the rain.  Did the "short" loop - that is still like 3.5 hours.  There is a lot of haulin' out there that I didn't really remember.  

I wanted to get up to the fire tower for the sunset, and I got just that last glimpse before the orange left the western sky for the evening.  Fire up the night light and pointed it downhill for home. 






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Barboursville FAT Tire Brethren

Beech Fork Association of Trails



bFAT is an informal group of riders who appreciate the land and ride for a healthy well being.



Beech Fork is mostly a single track trail that follows around the lake leading into a combination of creek bed, hill climb, and fast downhill back to the lake.  Barboursville's Park has some nice runs from the top with  numerous scenic overlooks from the  sheer  cliffs and steep drops. The flat single track that follows the river and comes out behind the lake - is where the real fun can begin or end. Click on the link at top of page - above left to see a map!    The  Kanawha Trace and Adahi Trails are 32 mile and  17 mile multi user trails crossing over private land.  Check with the Tri-State Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America for trail information and registration.


bFAT email groupo<----click here  Become a part of an e-group forum that will let all subscribers communicate (free!). Send an e-mail with the word "join" in the subject or body and you'll get hooked up with other riders, to do fun group rides, get trail info and conditions, technical advice, etc.



The Race to the Colorado Trail









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