1/22 TAP Time Trial #2

photo: AC

Kicking it up at the bike bAFT time trail - demonstrating here what it takes to trim two minutes off the previous weeks  time. 


Deer Trail Video/YouTube

  photo: AC

Michael Brown's gear for nineteen degree riding.  But  with the sunny skies and lack of wind it was like it was 30 out, so the standing around was not too bad.  Till ya start moving and add in that wind chill.  About a mile of exposure before you're in the woods, where it tends to warm up.  Well, after you stop going down hill, and thankfully there is that little climb, then you start to move briskly again , then back into the open, and, well shit, it was cold just about the whole time.  Who am I trying to kid?


photo: Tom

But with all the sunshine on the southern sunny faces there is a price to pay in thaw-age.   Getting out early enough and enjoying the  frozen hard pack, while we have it.  And taking times...

10:45 start time

GS         55:20
MB         44:50
AC         39:01
ED         38:50
ME         36:50    



1/16 TAP Time Trial

The bike bFAT format drug up from years past when the idea of chasing around the local riders on a set track week after week just sounded like fun. The time trial takes off rom a staggered start based on your weeks previous time at  a 50% time gap from the rider that you finished ahead of.  With slower riders going first it is designed for chasing and passing.  Five and a quarter miles mostly downhill and flat with times ranging from, at this point, around 38 minutes to a little over an hour.  We add on loops of non structured rabbit chasing riding afterwards so everybody gets a chance to get what they need.  Get what you need next Saturday - ride meets at 10:30 at Barboursville Park at the top of the hill.  The time trial stages from Shelter 1 shortly afterwards.  Most everybody welcome :-) No really you should come.


Tom and Sam on loop #2 - the "ride" section, after the time trail.


Michael Brown's data below

10:49 start time

ME         38:50
ED         40:04
AC         40:51
MB        41:48
ROB      41:48      
SAM      44:43
TOM      44:44
RON      63:35














Park touring, heading up the page; Greenbo SP, Little Creek in South Chas, Vesuvius in the Wayne National, the big mountains of Chief Logan SP, and Jenny Wiley SP, ticking them off one by one.  Settling into that  building phase of consistency when consistency doesn't seem that possible.  The snow pack that was just good clean fun, now all but gone as of this typing.  Can't really miss this good good stuff.  If you are not getting it you don't know what you have been missing.  Good weekend in the books another week right around the corner .


1/9 Classic TAP


Five brave souls basking in the low 20 degree temperatures at the finish of the old time trail track.  From shelter 1 to  Lake William - the classic TAP Time Trial track.  A group ride in a guise of a time trial or maybe vice versa, regardless a good way to warm up on a cold cold day.  Two more loops tacked on afterwards for those that like that sort of thing.  This, the first in a series on preliminary runs for starting position for this track's finale.  Next TT run is tentatively (in regards to conditions) for Saturday morning  at 10:30.                                   


1/8 Weekend flashback

Lest you think there hasn't been riding...





wimping out


5 camera doop

coasting again



rolling around in the woods



deceptive ultra violent






1/1 hap, hap,

happy new year fogginess.

 morning up north

North Myrtle that is





go on back






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bFAT is an informal group of riders who appreciate the land and ride for a healthy well being.



Beech Fork is mostly a single track trail that follows around the lake leading into a combination of creek bed, hill climb, and fast downhill back to the lake.  Barboursville's Park has some nice runs from the top with  numerous scenic overlooks from the  sheer  cliffs and steep drops. The flat single track that follows the river and comes out behind the lake - is where the real fun can begin or end. Click on the link at top of page - above left to see a map!    The  Kanawha Trace and Adahi Trails are 32 mile and  17 mile multi user trails crossing over private land.  Check with the Tri-State Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America for trail information and registration.


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