1/31 Snow Day Too


Snagged these photos from http://tristateracer.smugmug.com from the 5k running race photo gallery.  The race was one minute from the start that was taking off right in the direction that we where going to be heading out.  We jumped out in front and off the road to get out of their way  basically show off when I guess the paparazzi could resist the action shot.  Check out the link for the big pictures. 

Drove down to B'ville Park for a couple three hours to ride the trails while the trails are rideable.  About 4 inches of fluffy white left on the trails.  Dwayne, Andy, and myself started out together following tracks up the River trail.  Ran into the source of those tracks, Ed scored the RT freshie the day before.  Before heading/hiking up for the untouched hillside.  I tried to share the freshies, but they are so sweet on the way down! 






1/30 Lots of Futility

A fresh Saturday snow is for collecting the freshies - pretty smooth pedaling on the un-salted snow packed secondary roads - cross country to hit some hiking/stumbling up the KT.  Does one need to find cross training this time of year? - it seems to find me on it's own.  That seemed like a long long haul up the back side of the ridge from mile 8, but the eye was on the prize, collecting the first run/ride down mile 6 downhill.  It's the little things that keep me going. 

solo run - latrine cam shot


1/23 deTour Mason

We could say  classic   this route  has been a staple for quite a few years, first taken upon mountain bike then shown the speedier easier way to tackle the 18 miles of what would be graveled county roads if those county roads were actually graveled.   The rest of this 50+mile  loop is out on some of the more remote roadways in this immediate area no food stop, no water stops, just some good ole West Virginia poverty to keep a couple of lycra clad dudes boogying along.  Five major dirt/clay/mud section ranging in distance from 2 to 5 miles each plus three creek crossings to help control the splatter.

digging the "new" bar ends

A fast pace seemed to be the game for the day and I played along.  I intentionally (yet without reason) carried only one water bottle so I was really interested in keeping the trip at around the 4 hour mark.  Tight rationing was in place but my flyer right pasted the half way point  was not in the game plan and the auto pilot mode was locked in for rest of the ride.  I was humbled but slumbled, we finished up right around 4 and a quarter hours, with just a little bit of lolly-gaggin goin on.

Andy getting back on track after getting a little astray at the Highest Valley Farm


 long gravel roads


1/22 Beater

Took a little time (6 days off the bike) and saw to some sorely need bike repair and cleaning, plus restored the Explosive to a single speed coaster bike.  32X17 felt like #@X!& on the so very soft closed off roads at Grayson Lake.  Made the left turn on top of the ridge on what is known as Deer Creek and discovered some very sweet ridge riding single track.   A little neglected yet open flowey line on top off the hill.  Passed by the Loop 1 option that would have made it a little simpler to bail down and out before the ridge line hups turn it up just a notch.  Just a little cleaning and clearing will make this handy (for me) route just about dreamy.


1/16 Back On the Wheel

from the house on skinny tires, that is, with Andy and fresh blood Seth.  I don't think we freaked him out too much with the craziness that is my sanity.  A few places that he would not have thought to ride a road bike, like leaving a perfectly good road to ride on the wrong side off the tracks and gravel sketchy descents and  stuper steep climbs.

 sure happy to still be rolling - at the bottom of nine mile hill

A fun day that worked me over twice as hard as usual trying to keep two people in check, Seth railing the paved climbs and Andy rocking the steep gravel, I was just  trying to tag along for the ride.  Same 50 miler as last time, Blue Sulpher > Barkers > Union > 9 Mile > Deer Pin > Big 7 Mile > and on into B'ville and too many other road to go on and on...  subtract maybe 6 miles for the MayHood start.

wrapping up on Little Fudge Ck

1/15 Api-su-ahts Trails


Grayson State Park, KY.  Okay you can use the term "trail" loosely here, mostly access roadways that we seen, but we shot straight up Deer Ck. - A really nice long approach to a nice long-ish climb, that leads up to the Frazier Flats fire tower.  This is the spine to the trail system that makes up the 22 miles of hiking and horsey back byways.  Four loop possibilities and some long ridge riding opportunities. 

Didn't really mind the no trail thing, this being in the first stages of this years thaw down, so it was a no trail type of day.  When the sky went blue things got a little brown, before when popped out on the pavement.  Exploring new ground makes for a good time, even if it slows you down and means that you don't cover the same ground.  The trails are on the East side of the lake and signed at the roadway and blazed (and signed) in the woods.  Maps are available at the Corps office at the dam, and on display at the trailheads.  This is a Wildlife Management Area, which means public hunting so be sure to know and respect the various hunting seasons and just to let you know you can hunt ground hog year round.  Damn varmints.


1/10 Lake Vesuvius

I tried to round up a diverse crew but all I got was Andy, which was cool.  But I was all excited, 15 to 22 degrees forecasted for the morning romp (I am sure there was a scary wind-chill factored in)  and I just knew that the conditions would be at a rare primituty.  The colder the better so far - keeps things intact and packed.  No thawing to be concerned with, one kind of forgets that warm is soft and moist and that is just not in the program right now.

The start was crispy, but we were in the woods and/or climbing pretty much from the git-go.  Nice warm up on the closed park road, left the four wheeler tracks when it got a little steeper then settled into the solitude and pure pleasure of riding on the road like surfaces.

Pass the out and back point of a nice sensible ride option and pushed on North into a counter clockwise loop of Kanady Hollow - shortcutted by heading up the first Paddlecreek Loop leg.  Just a couple few huge treefalls dampened that downhill feeling on the single track side of the hill.  

Solid 5 hours out with the return on the Backpack trail for the complete short loop around the lake plus the  bonus loop of an abbreviated full Backpack Trail.  The high for the ride hit 27 degrees so it got real toasty at times.  Andy came out with that ass kicked feeling that is usually such the case when venturing into this forest ... I am starting to get used to it.


1/4 A Week of Tracks


Forgive the blog pause - with the deep freeze set in around here and and the almost daily forays of snow showers, it has been more about laying down tracks.  Every day freshie dreams.  Exploring out the closed roads at Lake Vesuvius, near Ironton OH, in the Wayne National Forest.  Closed park and forest roads plus the BackPack Trail.  The BackPack Trail is in the process (as I understand it) to being opened to bicycles.  This is a side hill or ridgeline trail around the lake, not to be confused with the Lakeshore trail, which is not open to cycling.  

 to the beech


   Rode right  off this map on Kanady Hollow and Paddle Creek Loop.


another Lake Vesuvius Trail   Map


1/3 KT

Sunday Ride from the house into head down head wind chiller to Andy's for the group formation.  Temperatures in the teens keeps a lot of folks in, but makes for superb ground conditions.  Hit trail at about mile 4 and rode right on through to almost eleven before turning back on the Boy Scout Adahi.  Ran through some peoples backyards before hitting Howells Mill at Beulah Ann (that was kind sketchy)  But looking for that Canaan Lands connector, lots of fresh posted signage since hunting season to deal with - got to respect the land owner.  Usually it's not a big deal.


1/2 Hut to Hut

one hut




two hut


1/1 A New Year


No biggy epic this year, just out the door a little late for a fine time in the woods.  Riding into the darkness can make the most of the day.  Embrace the darkness, feel the freedom.  Just ride a bike. 

 Adahi approach from Howell's Mill








go on back







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