1/26  The Ubergroup

Ish-past 10AM - rolling in to the little gravel lot on top of the hill Andy and myself find a group waiting for the group ride.  How was we to know?  It's not like I called this thing together with expectations of more than a half dozen fat tires to track up the park, but there they were.  3FAT riders plus a couple happenstance riders to take advantage of the soon to be departed dry tread.  Broke out the private stock down into town and hit the hard pack river trail, did a minimal bit of hiking on the way up, and finish down to the flagpole for a clean exit.  Made a pony deposit before making a refreshy run up and down Deer.  Twenty to thirty degrees and no frostbite? in strange places this week.  It was the second time in a week that I heard the suggestion of a collection in my behalf.   I need a bike with gears and brakes and stuff - got those napping under a blanket in the garage so I passed on that.  Or maybe its the shoes.  Time to look for a plate to pass, I guess. 


 1/25 lil' Jenny and Dewey Dam


... after

1/23 going up and down is getting easier

before ...





1/20 Another weekend grounded at the house.  Not too many people get excited about a single digit overnight temperature, but riding in cold shelter woods is the shit if you have it (the shit).  Approximately 10 degrees when we started and by the time we finished it had warmed up very close to a plus twenty.  Not by far extreme conditions for a lot of folks but yes cold.  It is just a matter of conditioning and getting your shit together

The following list is from a pile of the clothes on the floor that gets picked up for a couple hours at a time ...


    helmet a must  
    balaclava just when it is a must
    headband for the ears
    glasses/goggles to see with
    petroleum jelly cheeks and nostrils
    short sleeve wool jersey nuttin better than wool
    long sleeve wool jersey cept another one
    wind proof shell S brand  
    work style riding gloves Craftsman right now $13 at Kmart
    little strechy gloves from the little girls dept
    holy shammy seasonal resurrection
    shammyless tight 15yr old Nashbar
    oversized sham prize table swag
    wool socks SmartWool
    foldtop sandwich baggies wit mustard
    regular cycling shoes w/tear away duct tape
    worn cotton socks over shoes 1 step from garbage

 ... good for 10~25 degrees, not including wind chill           

1/19 The Adahi along the Mud enroot for 6 miles of KT. 



Tee off alternate tees, take a different line. 

Observe the hazards - don't drive you cart in susceptible areas

Stop and repair your divot



ground conditions suck

please freeze

1/16                                                      1/17

Sunday it should be hard




 out         11/13         in 

  soslow  KT/Adahi  loop


when the air is cold


and there's no sun

and when your getting old

and life's no fun



  ... remember to breath

     lyrics from The Bright Side



... remember  to  stay


and get high


1/11 Yesterday's drive inspection had me stoked to get in a little more than allowed with four wheels.  Waterfalls and tunnels along the wild North Fork Licking River was so feng shui on a rainy day.  Scoured the maps that night and found a loop.  On the bike the hidden gravel kept it flat and backwards.  Plan A was to find the half way point - not the whole loop.  Out and Back.  Don't get lost.  It gets dark.  Nobody has absolutely any idea where I am at.  I had a phone (with no service) and map data on a handheld tucked deep into my pack - where it stayed.  No drama,  just pedaled along the river on progressively a deteriorating surface until the bigass mudhole dodging got to be too much - turned around and got the shitout.  Hope to make a loop out of it still.  Good parking at Wrigley right along the way home from an account that I visit, that is an hour and a half away.  So do the math - last call of the day done by 3:30 or 2:30 if you count lunch, see if I am lucky to be on the bike before 4:30.  Such is the way of this working stiff.

1/10 Perimeter Recon - land of Daniel Boone National Forest

 ...drops in to Cave Run from here


...four days soft softness make me soft..




1/7  The weekday snow has melted and the muddy thaw left in the wake.  Expectedly low down on the fitness sine wave following last weekends fixed foray.  Couple ez recovery style rides in the snow along the Guyandotte.  Some welcome web browsing.  

 found this Monday YouTube  on  Camps Blog  yes very cool

and of course the TomiCOGS  project - may be a short term fix, get em while they're hot

and looked for more bikeporn...

e machine




bike bFAT


Beech Fork Association of Trails

Barboursville's Fun Awesome Trails


bFAT is an informal group of riders who appreciate the land and ride for a healthy well being.



Beech Fork is mostly a single track trail that follows around the lake leading into a combination of creek bed, hill climb, and fast downhill back to the lake.  Barboursville's Park has some nice runs from the top with  numerous scenic overlooks from the  sheer  cliffs and steep drops. The flat single track that follows the river and comes out behind the lake - is where the real fun can begin or end. Click on the link at top of page - above (right or left) to see a map!    The  Kanawha Trace and Adahi Trails are 32 mile and  17 mile multi user trails crossing over private land.  Check with the Tri-State Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America for trail information and registration.


bFAT email groupo<----click here  Become a part of an e-group forum that will let all subscribers communicate (free!). Send an e-mail with the word "join" in the subject or body and you'll get hooked up with other riders, to do fun group rides, get trail info and conditions, technical advice, etc.


A new Technical Time Trial course features Sunday's opening climb and two downhill sections that will not be   ~20untry.


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