2/26 The No Group Ride ride

So with all the trails drying up from the rains, the weekly park ride was called off for the sake of the trails.  This opened the door for what I consider a good road ride.  In this case the classic route heading south into Lincoln county for sketchy back roads and remote gravel hollers.  This maps out to about 40 miles with a least 6 characteristically  unique  climbs with 6 equally characteristically  unique descents.

Five riders made this jaunt on this fine winter day.  Ron blogs about it at bottle of pills  where I am referred to as the "architect" of the ride.  I am pretty sure that riding with a bunch of engineers that this label is an insult, or maybe that I am more just like a pain in the ass.  But I like to think that maybe I add a little style to the ride. 


Topping out on Saunders Creek Road (below) getting ready to dodge a bullet,  seems like this nice weather is good for a little target practice across county roads.  It was okay, I was told that they usually listen for cars to be coming up the road.  We made a little bit of noise on the next group of hill jacks with guns we ran into.



2/21 Greenbo SP

Three days with 3 to 4 hours on fat tires, seen here with Jay looking back on the marina hike-a-bike, fueling up for seven + miles of flowing ridge.  Pretty easy here to put in three hours in the state park woods and trails.   shirtsleeves and 60's before pre-spring leaves

2/20 PtPtP

that's Barboursville Park to Beech Fork SP to Barboursville Park

Rolled from Dwayne's and picked off the Flag, Trench and the overlook before hopping tracks out of the park from the River trail.  Twenty minutes of quick hillside trails before  the flat road along the Guyandotte introduces to me that spin crazy derailleur pacing,  untill the head of the holler, where the road dead ends but we keep going kind of sketch fuels an adrenalin driven climb.  Bomb the gravel down the other side that leads back to lined roads and next thing you know, there you are. 

Park #2

Camp Branch climb leads up and to  the  gates across the closed road on the hill, where we left the pavement through the high field.  Sso much potential on that descending face, always has been.   Found the old line for the most part till about half way down, but then discovered some way much cooler stuff... which is just a rosy way of saying we were walking our bikes some down hill.  Nothing wrong with that.


Mary Davis/Lost Trail Loop proceeded from there.  We took full advantage of the clean lines that are being kept out there, quality.  The loop finishes off with the mile long speed coaster downhill that if flying down this one time doesn't hook a person to this mountain biking thing, well there is something wrong.

Turn for home and road-sketch-road and back to the River trail where we left it, just it time for the cold rain, where it was head down boogying time and not much time for chatting for any other grouped we past that I figured where thinking about doing the same thing.

4:40<40mi. high40's threatening skies make do late


2/19 TAP

Allright seems there where all kinds of excuses, but that's all right, half the field was new and I think at least one had actual fun.  And there was Ben on a fixed gear.

Tacked on Adahi and KT on the home.

6 @ TAP ~40min/group + bonus loops and all the getting there and back for 4 in the tank.



2/17 Group Rides Meets...

This weekend is like a no-excuse weekend. The faithful regulars been meeting Saturday's  ~ 10:30  @  (hilltop)  shelter 1 Barboursville Park.  mtb of course.  Downhill and upriver TAP track followed by another couple tours at park.  What's your excuse? 



On the Adahi Trail along Mud River near Ona, WV




2/9 Don't Order The Ice Water

Mostly road ride from downtown Whitesburg, KY, with a long paved climb to the top of Pine Mountain and the Little Shepherd Trail, to Scuttle Hole Gap Road, off the steep north face, finishes over Town Hill Rd and down on Easy Street.  

 I have been looking for this for a while, playing around on the Mountain getting the road climbs in, sniffing around for some way off.  Found the off limits nature preserve down to Bad Branch Falls, but I was looking for a fun way to ride my bicycle down hill, legally.  So I am out there on a snowy day laying down tracks and along comes toward me a gentleman in a jeep, and we stop to chat.  I ask if there is a top to bottom trail off the mountain, and he replies that I have came to the right place.  Scuttle Hole Gap is what I was looking for and he told me it was hary, you know like how some people say bar instead of bear, so this was like har instead of hair.  I thought that sounded perfect.  Turns out the gentleman and his lady friend are the owners of the Summit City Lounge in Whitesburg, she told me they had "city food. you would like it"  I didn't know how to take that, but the place looks like a rare cool spot in eastern KY coal country, so maybe she knew what she was talking about (hummus sandwich).  Mr. Kirby bid me farewell with a friendly "hope you see a bar"  and I was on my way.

I have put down a couple of recon trips on roads that turn back the crv, like Easy Street, which will be nothing but, and mapped out the loop.  This one is one my radar, maybe one day when the temperatures get out of the freezing range this one will go down.






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