8/21  Huntington Critical Mass 2

And I would have been there if it hadn't been for race tape. flat tire, no pump, and Kmart

Remember every third Thursday  is the critical mass ride

6:30 - Ritter Park at the fountain



8/19 Derby Photos

Dwayne's photos are up from the race start and the "hike-a-bike" hill climb preem  on picasaweb

Matt Johnson sticking the climb to win the preem!

Jim from Houston Texas, didn't mind the heat

bike bFAT member Phillip Dial #1 on the sport podium!

8/18 Home Schooled

Sweet.  Another class win for in the WVMBA series.  Those of you that have been following my hot racing action know that my seemingly untouchable competition would be PA's elder fast guy, Scott Root. So if you have checked out the results you can see that I came out on top and may ask yourself what it takes to accomplish this.  This is my home course, mostly created by digging a single track-line one tire at a time; I know every rock, root drop and climb in the approximately 15 miles of trails in Barboursville Park.  That certainly helped.  Plus there is the downhill and flat road start, followed by 4 miles of flat river trail, and the fact that Mr. Root competes in my aged class on a single speed, that poses a certain handicap.  So I was purdy stoked to see him show up for Sunday's race. 


11:00 start time o'clock rolls around and everybody's line up behind the official pace vehicle with the official pace car driver, awaiting my queue to officially start the race, when someone says wait.  We are sitting there, blocking the road, sweating it out in the sun for a couple of minutes while none other than Mr. Root tries to fix a broken brake lever.  He finally says "okay, go" and I take that as he is ready to go.  So we go. 


Turns out he wasn't ready to go, but had to ride back up to his car to get his lever fixed, and then ending up starting a couple minutes behind the mass start.  Remember the pace vehicle?  That was in place to lead a mass of riders through town, to the start of the single track.  We provided maps, but the route through town was not marked on the pavement.  So from what I heard, he gets some information and takes off through town, racing through the stop signs, in search of a railroad underpass and a bike race.  Queue WV state policeman - lights and siren and Scott is pulled to the curb by a p.o.’d officer that really didn't give two hoots about any bike race.  He assured this lone racer that he would be in the back of his squad car for running stop signs, if he didn't already have this equally treacherous felon in the back seat.  Scott finally made it to the river trail, found the race and started picking off racers, and moved up to 2nd place/masters before the finish.


So that’s what it took to put a second place finish in Root’s column for 2009 standings.  You can say that’s racing for ya’, but that is a totally new way to me to do it.   And I will take it.

                                                                       photo - Dwayne Walters

8/16 Derby Results

are  posted


herald-dispatch photos

WOWK-TV clip


8/13 The Dirt Derby WVMBA #11


Due to the recent tropical like down downpours that have been hitting the area  (that the park track was spared from on Tuesday) the course will not be marked or considered open for pre riding till this Thursday's O.D.D ride @ 6PM.    Race volunteer meeting will be beforehand @ shelter #1 / 5:25 that same day.

As of this typing the trails have been in a drying state for more than 88 hours,

Wednesday it was a swing and a miss for any rain in the park.  

It's looking goood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2009 Dirt Derby Map


The dirt Derby

August 16th 11AM start



8/8 Big Bear Ultra

  Hoodoo da Voodoo ?


Like the Crack TRail





8/3 Lake Hope WVMBA #10

                                                                    photo by Matt Schumaker

I am kinda slow.  I think I get this racing thing figured out, like at last weeks race I was feeling good and things were a happenin'.   So you know, I had high hopes for this week at the Lake Hope Race. 

Things got off well enough at the start.  I spotted S. Root spinning out his single speed on the gravel road start and worked the big ring for all that it was worth while it was worth something.  I knew that lead would be fleeting.  My main concerns for my class was Paul B. and Don C.  (sprry Charlie).  After, maybe a 1/2 hour all my concerns came up to find me.  We made a tight group for about an hour and a half of racing.  Taking turns on who would be on the front and who would watch things from the back.  Don was the first to get away, and would go on to take second at the finish. So that left me to battle with Paul, basically just trying to hang and waiting/wanting for him to cramp for the second time, somewhere, maybe on the last climb.  Didn't happen to him again but yeh, my legs locked solid.  Felt like an early season failure -  duck walking the last bit of dirt, watching for who would take advantage of me in such a helpless state.  Got it together for the last quarter mile finishing climb - checking over the shoulder for anybody, when comes Andy all sneaky like, can't let the home boy roost me at the finish.  On his single speed.  12 second gap at the line - mine.  Around 2:39 for us both.

So that race was, like maybee 30 miles.  Lots and lots of pedaling it seemed like.  Next week it is back to the Ultra Series and 50 solid miles at Big Bear.  Hopefully I learned something last Sunday, I just can't figure out what it could be.  Yet. 

The long riders eZine xxcmag has some cool (well, cool if your JT or me) coverage on the WVMBA Ultra Series on page 25 thru 29.  Click on eMag and download for best viewing.  Or here if your download phobic.



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