8/25 Local Yocals


This is one of those things that you read about or watch on uTube, not one of those things that you expect to happen on your own turf, or to someone you know.  It has been a week now, been looking for something in the local police blotters.  I am no private dick, but I guess to the local news this might not be consider news worthy.  Maybe that is a statement in itself.  But I do not know of anything like this that has happened around here.  I will try to piece the facts gathered from my skinny cycling grapevine. This is the type of thing that you expect from rednecks encased in 3 tons of rolling amour.  Two riders on the road thru the small town of Chesapeake, Ohio  right across the river and near the start and end to a lot of summer group rides from the local bike shops.  The speed limit is like 25mph for about five blocks with at least two signal lights to control very light traffic.   Cruiser window down  - "git off th' road"  some Barney  proclaims "well i have as much of a right to be here as you"  WRONG according to the Man, and they stop to drive home the point.  I am sure there was an exchange of words, but when the tazer hits the chest of one rider who I only know as Tony, the conversation was over.  He had the sense of mind to pull the barbs out, but the second shot in the back, seen Tony falling face first.  Rider down, with a new meaning.   So now the red aiming dot is on Wes Rhodes chest.  That's Wes standing tall as the WVMBA high school state champion in 2007.  He is 16 years old now, and one of the most polite, nicest kid anyone would have the honor to meet.  He is trying to call his parents when the phone is forcibly dislodge from his grip.  He is taken to the ground and handcuffed.  Both cyclist are book.  Numerous charges filed, mostly stemming from "resisting arrest".  Resisting arrest?  From what?  Here is Ohio's laws concerning bicycling.  Dubbed "Better Ohio Bicycling Bill", it's an interesting read.  Good to know the law and your rights.  One would kinda hopes the ones with the guns would have enough intelligence to know them too.  I guess you can forget that, but isn't it their job to protect our rights?   I would imagine this is stuff that lawyers would ring their hands over and give a sneering chuckle or two.    As it stands right now, it  looks like the charges will be dropped, and then some...  All this makes one think of the mentality that Southern Ohio's finest have towards cyclist on the road, or maybe just anyone that is in a minority situation.  Are these the people we want behind any badge?  Or maybe get them out of their gas burner bubble top and on bike patrol  ercommunity service(?).  Could be good therapy. 









8/19 Just a Ride In The Park

Can you see where this is going?  Up the river and along the Derby track.  Photos in order all this month.  We will see if we get around the course before the race starts!



phillip is still climbing





hitting paydirt




rock-bed #3 3.5mb


up and away










catching early AM rays - elusive light thru the green rocks


JT in all his JT-ness


making the turn from the single-track





do you ride bigfoot valley? 


 the river trail the way it should be


here and gone


double wide single track


for ditches, my bitches






8/10 Take what is in front of you and put it behind you


That was kinda the approach I had this past weekend.  I had put behind the mano e mano rivalry in favor of more self-focused race.  Work the home course advantage.  Got a good start.  Fought thru some lonely time down Pole Cat, up Middle, down Teaberry, before I opened a present up Mossy.  Put it behind me. Worked the single track gap, sealed it up down the mysterious Ballard trail (hoot).  But, gave it away on the longest fire-road climb called Hoffman. Held on for just one slim pickin' before the end.  Another race behind - just 2 more XC's ahead, with some Ted Nugent thrown in (more on that later) and a couple of Ultras to wrap up couple of series for one year.  It goes by so fast.  





got all day? he has the technologically - he uses it.  Ron shares the big come back.




"every bike comes equipped with a hiker"


Dwayne nears the finish





Thursday Rides on the sport course proceed, if not interrupted by yummy ice cream or broken arms. Ron broke out some pills and was back on the scene for a sporadic yearly appearance.  Looks like he is ready for the Sunday's Black Bear race.  I know I am.  Probably the hardest core race in the WVMBA series, six long climbs and six white knuckle descents. Bring it.       




8/4 Impromptu Groupo

Jim Pike , one of the pioneering trailblazers at Barboursville Park was in from Texas on pleasure and it was our pleasure to round up the old skool boys to pound in some new tracks in the park.  Things are a bit different now, 10 years after the introductions of the river trail in the park.  So many trails and options for all level of riders.  The hills are just as big as they ever where, even if they do seem steeper and longer.




8/3 Lake Hope(less)


Lake Hope, AThens Ohio;  Spent a lot of time strategizing a game plan for this race, I knew the course was relatively flat "roller coaster" type terrain.  I was offered a test ride on a 29er Cannodale Caffeine hardtail, from Velocity Bicycles, which I thought would be perfect for the race track.  I spent the week riding and dialing to my personnel fit and preference.  I have done the some experimenting with the big wheel craze in past years and passed on that ever popular set up.  I like the handling and the roll of the Caffeine on the trail and on the road with the lightweight Blunt hoops contributing to a lively feel.  While I had this new bike between the my legs I hatched up the idea of going undercover, borrowed a helmet from Andy, and Pete from Athens contributed a loaned Athens Bicycle jersey to camouflage myself from the competition.  Meredith told me I had a hard job ahead of me as Matt was like a hawk at a starting line.  I was busted before we lined up.  


At the start it was back to business of racing and we entered the single track in a 1-2-3 lineup with Marcus pulling the eventual winner (VET) winner in second followed by myself staving off oxygen debt.  We steamed pass Andy and some other SS's that had a one minute head start on us.  Determination alone kept me in place till a section of corduroyed trail caught me by surprise.  I gave waay too much credit to the big wheel, but it fold in front of me at full steam.  Landed hard on my noggin as the bike catapulted over me unharmed.  Slowly I got back in the game, pacing with Andy then moving on.  Eventually got it back in the groove and start a launch to make up some ground.  I felt confidant I was still in the running.  Then my pedal nailed something hard, and I was flying thru the underbrush sans bike.  The flying part wasn't so bad.  The landing kinda sucked.  By then time I got back on track Andy was there again running the good race in the single speed class in 2nd or 3rd.  At some point the thought of tearing  the loaned jersey popped in my head, and re-enforced by my out-Wayne upbringing, I decided to strip down naked to the waste and fight it out.  I kept the gap at about a minute and a half for the longest time, before fatigue set in.  Ended up finishing 5 of 5.  Andy suffered a plague of flats and faired just as well.  Dwayne collected his sport masters points to keep him in the top three in the WVMBA series.


not a pretty sight

don't open a gel packet and stick it back in the leg of your shorts





Beech Fork Association of Trails



bFAT is an informal group of riders who appreciate the land and ride for a healthy well being.



Beech Fork is mostly a single track trail that follows around the lake leading into a combination of creek bed, hill climb, and fast downhill back to the lake.  Barboursville's Park has some nice runs from the top with  numerous scenic overlooks from the  sheer  cliffs and steep drops. The flat single track that follows the river and comes out behind the lake - is where the real fun can begin or end. Click on the link at top of page - above left to see a map!    The  Kanawha Trace and Adahi Trails are 32 mile and  17 mile multi user trails crossing over private land.  Check with the Tri-State Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America for trail information and registration.


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