Day 2  I Can Explain Those Stars

Oh those stars. 

Green:  connect those along the ridge, Rubens Branch a blue blazed trail, that was part of one version of the race course, back in the ninety's. 

Red:  previous unknown ridge intersection, searched it out Sunday, marked and dubbed it Natural Light Point. 

Yellow:  points previously visited, accessed from the bottom of Rubens, big flats and  "purgatory point" that if you are on a game plan to keep the lake on your left, will throw you for a loop or two, due to the fact that you will be looking at the lake on one side of the ridge, then the next time you are looking at the water it will be on the other side of the ridge. 

Blue  Boaters bootleg camping spot, played a god ole boy from Out Wayne card and interfaced with the party.  Scored some much needed water and blue canned beverage to boot.  Passed on the boat ride back to the campground, as I was sure that I could make it out before dark...  

All this was after the group ride that kicked off at 9AM, those with any sense got out about noon, then I went into solo explore mode and it just slowly fizzled after that.  A lot of flat to rolling ridges, natural features, good lines on side hill haul roads.  I have connected the green to red and about half way to the first yellow, it's pretty simple ridge with a dwindling ATV track.  It's a ways out there - hoping to make it a little shorter.

8/29 Two Day Report:  Day 1

  A beautiful cooler weekend, and the WVMBA race was waay up North, in Morgantown and I didn't really want to commit 6 hours windshield time.  The Athens Ohio group ride look like a nice way to spend a day, but to maximizes the "at home" in an at home weekend, I rode from home. 

Ride Goals

  A rather pathetic but right on time, early morning 9:09 roll out  to the Midland Trail to Flag > Trench > Turtle Head and around to be busted a t the overlook by a quick and dragging two man group.  Two directions two downhills - they went their way and I went mine, both go to the River Trail.  Just a little of that before popping out to put the first Park behind.  Single track wake up!

  Then it was something like ten miles of pavement; Heath Creek Road, work the up and over, private selection Henry France connector.  Just a little spin and enter Park # 2 on The Road to Nowhere.  Time check from camper > 11:00.  Right on time to check the parking lot where all the cool kids would park that would just so happen to meet me.  It was empty.  Then I look over in the other lot in the shade,  there is Ron.  Cool, good to see Ron, cause the first thing you think of when you think of Ron is beer.  Well Ron didn't have any beer for a change, so I filled up my water in one bottle and water down my 100 proof G2 in the other, and we rode.

  We go the loop in blue, it goes up Cane Hollow at the 2 milepoint, a way I had never been before.  For about 4 miles it gains 400 foot, so there is some pedaling in there and some fun dips.  All in all good and fast single speeding but climbing the whole way in single track style.  We spent 2 hours riding, regrouping, bull shitting and picnicking.  I was thinking a lot about riding down the exact way we had came up, but we made the loop.  My lunch in the woods was one Kate's bar.  I topped off my water bottle and thinned down the G2 once again at the campground. All my food was self contained for the day.  My morning bananas were long gone, so this would be a good test of the bars staying power, for the ride home.  Sans beer.

  Retraced back to where I left off the River Trail and rolled the river for all it was was worth, through the old brickworks, Midland Trail, and finished trail along the Mud River on the Adahi.  Out for ~ 6:50, rode less than that.  Knocked out my ride goals with ease and felt good about it. 



8/25 Tough Post

makes me think too much (but not anymore than usual)

A little balance here between all the epic-ness; just two 10 mile rides, right here in the park, starting from the RR underpass on Peyton.  The first one doubles back on the River Trail,  making it  about all flat single-track then some off the trickier trails on the hillside.  The other one below gets it up Devils Hollow, crosses over and gets in the downhill trail, before heading on down the river.  Two excellent options for first time riders, and maybe even good for a skinny old man too.  Dot to dot


Thanks, Michael Brown for the data - check out Birds Eye View , it's almost like, not even have to bother going outside to ride.

It turned out to be a

I have been staring at this all day and it was in my head last night, it is throw back in a sense to what I was doing ten years ago, stomping around in the woods seeing everywhere a bike could go




8/14 Catching up to the Bear

Kanawha State Forest, Charleston, WV;   This race didn't go as I had planned - being the one day State Championship race, I had hopes of some bragging rights, and was in there as one my goals for the year. I thought I could bring home the jersey for the win of such honors.  Some times I wonder how much influence I should have

The  crazy for single speeding half mile flat road start, is no way for this guy to get out front as much as I can and just go like crazy.  Which is basically been then strategy that has been working for me all year.  So by the time I got off the road and to a climb I was whittling away in the sport pack, that started with us in one big group.  The new course was fun and all, a lot of riding and climbing to get in a moto style singletrack downhill that I think is referred to as Bays Hollow.  Another gas line climb that saw me hoof it more than I cared, and another groovy singletrack downhill, now in the pouring rain. 

 photo: Philip Poff

So here, it kind of looks like I am fast but it was like riding down by brail, really couldn't see too much, as plodded onward - to plod along the flat Davis Creek trail.  The long drawn out climb up to Middle Ridge was a good chance for some reeling and I kicked it up a notch for that long haul.  It was patient fishing, but somewhere along Middle Ridge Trail I picked up the jersey I was looking for - just the wrong guy was in it.  Out in front and moving away from TedA, I was going to continue reeling and missed a turn onto a trail that was not there just three days ago, got yelled at and got back on course, but it was like a pin prick that took all the air out of my sails.  Pick, pick, pick my way down the infamous Black Bear trail, no Spectator Falls, no spectators.  Just me plodding along at about 2/3rd of the way in the race, where I resigned to the fact that this was where I was going to end up, there was just no where left that I thought I could use my powers on a single speed to go faster than the local Dave McCormick. 

photo: Philip Poff

Somewhere out there while I was plodding along, Dave went on for a well deserved win.  And homeboys should rule. It is the moments like these for Dave, (for me), (for you), that is one of the things we are looking for, and I don't know anywhere else that I can get it.


p.s. It wasn't a jersey for the win it was a mug, so I didn't really care anymore:-)




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