8/25 Little Jenny



Eastern Kentucky potential, enjoyed some fresh to me hiking trails at the state park down in the ole working territory.  Morning departure to avoid the humidity.  That makes two weekends with four and five hour rides.  Don't know if that will cut it for readiness for the approaching sm100 one hundred mile mtb race.  Probably good enough to carry me through about half that race, when all good ideas that this race is thought to be, starts to creep away.

This will be my fourth 100 but first on a single speed.  I am hoping to beat my times from my geared runs. I have never been super fast at this format, with my best time in '05 with an 11:11, so if I can just keep my head in it, maybe start a little slower, or at least not dauttle too much in those wonderful aide stations, I can trim some fat from my previous times.   Although I do get a little excited when I am surrounded by 499 other competitors.  Doesn't really matter just coming back with everything that is going down as one piece,  come back in one piece, is the main objective.  Then going fast.



8/19 Dirt Derby Photos

All Ron's Photos are  up for you viewing pleasure.



8/15 The Dirt Derby On a Single Speed

Okay  I know you came here looking for photo's of this years Dirt Derby, but if you come to this sight often you know what bike bFAT is all about.   And since I missed a couple of race reports from the two bear races (1 big & 1 black).  I'll see if I can peck on this keyboard and take you through the race. 

First off I want to say that there would be no way I could pull off, both organizing and racing the Derby without the help the from same people that encourages me to do this.   These are the guys that turned my visions into you reality.  Thanks for helping me to lead the dream. 

Plus as a racer, you get to see if what is going on, on race day, is what has been running through your head for the past solid week, as well as into the months leading up to the start.   Translate: home course advantage.

All access Soccer Complex

photo: Ron Stanevich    

Running single speeded (32x19) in the mass start of 58 racers.  In the 25 mile race there was three single speed bicycles with three riders in three separate classes.  One mile of flat pavement lead-in to trail negated any little advantage I had after topping out on the parks new truss bridge.  As the grade turned down and other's chain rings engaged I went into super spin mode - spin like crazy catch a draft spin like crazy and drop on back.  Repeat that rhythm in ever decreasing bursts till we exit to dirt.  Pretty much nailed that 90 degree turn in two 45's.  You should know I knew  that line to get back all I could into that very first pitch into the ball fields.  A little grass and a some dirt, then we're back on a down grade,  at a percent that is conducive to RH thumb wag.  Translates:  desire of the big ring.  I knew I would be going into the river trail with the faster sport class riders.  I would need all of them I could take,  to recover from pushing that single speed to places it is not really geared to be.  All that was about to change.

Enter into river trail (~3.5 miles of rolly coaster): The upper quarter of the river trail is the twistiest and the slickest - the result of the previous nights torrential rain. Sit in here and try to ride it clean until the passing comes back.  On the trail, the  bike is where it needs to be instantly.  I on the other hand take just a little bit longer to recover.  A rear wheel washes out real quick in from of me as James Braswell whollers around on the ground, balancing between not falling into the high and muddy Guyandotte River and getting run over.  told ya'll not to do that. Two riders down and passed.  I guess it is on.  It's been like 100 yards of trail.

I work through some riders as they work with me to pass.  I know the few wide spots to get around and start picking through racers when I can.  By EEDT I had these guys right behind me..

photo: Ron Stanevich

Matt likes to jump on rocks Johnson,  Todd Diehl, and that guy that talks like he's from down under.  Lock went on to finish second overall in the 15 mile race.

Sometimes when you  are racing single speed you catch a break from those in front 'cause they know about the mo'  and they let you by Translates: momentum killers.  Add on top of that, well it is me, and maybe one thinks that I should be in front of them, and they could hang on for a bit of the ride.  But then, you get the guy up there that has all those other guys back there chasing him, and he won't give up nothing.  Which is entirely in his right.  And you just can't get around in the tight and fast single track.  Breathe just a little bit, because oh yeh, there is that one big field that opens up out of nowhere for a 50 yard sprint back to the single track again.  Thank you ! very much and see ya.  (vaguely remember, or imagined, bringing somebody with me on that move).  4.5 miles and 24 minutes later we end our prologue without hitting any hill whatsoever, then make a turn for Devil's Hollow.  Racing bikes on the river trail is just too much damn fun.

photo: Ron Stanevich

Devil's Hollow is and old and closed farm road and the race's only sustained climb, a 300 foot elevation gain at a right smart grade to get you up the hill quickly.  Trickier and steeper in the bottom third, my feet saw dirt due to some slicky steepness - but got on it again for the remaining two thirds of the climb.  Leave a couple of walking geared dudes and spot another walking single speeder spotting me.  Robert is geared higher/harder compared to myself  (based on moving observation) and I execute pass #1 on him with all I had, driven by thoughts of an ice cold shower in the shade.  The last third of the climb is under power lines, fully exposed, is always hottest spot in the park.

Water Station #1 was right on time - going from that climb to the .6 mile loop - flat and shady and plenty cold water is just what is needed to bring the core temperature down.  Nice little recovery on the slim-track leading to the KOM points preem - one of two ride-able "hike-a-bikes" that shoot up over rocks and roots - that only saw one rider even get close to cleaning this year.  This is not horseshoes, so we keep the cash payout for the first year ever.  Money.  Everybody walks!

1st place men's high school: Tristan Broughton

photo: Ron Stanevich

We grab all the ridge we got to get over to shelter #1.   Rock out on the camel back launching the missile for the second hump, if you want to survive.  Then it is all ziggy zaggy down hill to the park's main entrance - bombing the grass into the new bypass, where it is a little slick going down into frog holler.  The treacherous stairs where eliminated from the course just 3 weeks earlier. Cross the main road at speed, thank you Robert Wilson, and cast a line up the flag trail.  Throwing into the pitch hard and fast with all you got is good except for maybe 5 or 6 hArd cranks,  till it levels off a lot, along this gradual single track climb.   So I wanted to take someone by surprise in there, and it was the ole cartoon double-take - Robert Loeher and myself ask, "what are you doing here?"  He figures out he missed the new bypass and came down the old stairway.  It was blocked off and arrowed and X'd out... and I just knew that barricade  could also work as a ramp.   So Robert goes back up the hill and does the bypassed bypass  -  before going on to take 1st place in the Single speed class.

photo: Ron Stanevich

Water station #2 at stone hut;  Man, these water zones are like less than a bottle apart, so a lot of ice cold water is going on me and it revives the senses for just a little bit.  Walk on past KOM #2 - then wind along the fence line, riding the contour wave as long as one can for one last turn up to the final highest point.  Catch that middle ridge with the wind in your wings thing, count the last few shots that require a good effort and  try to remember that going downhill is supposed to be easier.  It's funny when you get to the bottom at green rocks and you're as beat as you were when you are climbing.  Well, funny for me when people DON'T know that. The downhill was fun, but I was hoping to spot someone ahead in the serpentines or a least when is starts backtracking on the ledge below.  But no, pickings are slim when you are running in the top 5.

Another albeit a solitude run down along the water for 15 miles in 1 hour and 24 minutes.  Repeat all that last stuff without all the drama for the second and final ten mile lap.  I did get rewarded one place overall somewhere on that last downhill - the winder that gets you twisted - when I wasn't really looking.  Finished up fourth overall and the bike was first single out of three, in the 25 mile race.

Which brings as to end with the third single speed, Andy Cremeans made the drive from Boston to take home some good series points as well as DFL honors.  And that is the way DFL should be, on a single speed. 

photo: Ron Stanevich

Linkage to all the high-res photos coming asap

An edited note;  I should mention that there was one other single speed on the course that I know of.  Just recent convert Gary Moorefield fiinished the 15 mile course.  His first race single speeded.


8/15 Dirt Derby  WVMBA #11


Congratulations going out to Andy Wiedrich covering 25 miles in the pro expert class at Barboursville Park, in 2:13:01 establishing the record time on the inaugural 2 lap course.

photo: Ron Stanevich


Mark Bisset (mens sport) took home the honors in the one lap, 15 mile race with the a time of 1 hour 27 minutes 43 second. 

photo: Ron Stanevich

We got more photos from Ron coming this week.  I would like to thank everyone that came out to enjoy the trails and that help out for a good hot time!



2010 Dirt Derby (August 15) New Venue New Course

New digs for the Derby!  Pretty exited to get the go ahead to take over the soccer complex for this years race.  This will allow prologue  on the river trail as well as the finish.  The course will flow much better to the finish line and I don't think parking will be a problem. 



Might want to consider bringing along your canopies - as you can see shade will be at a premium.



(subject to differences)


Got a chance to ride the course above - 15 mile sport/beginner course, that includes about 4.5 miles of prologue. That leaves about 10.5 for a lap.  Experts with two laps and a total of 25.5 miles - 3 times on the river trail and twice crawling around on the hill.  The "hike-a-bike" cash preem returns with needing two clean 2 steep ups, to be in the money.  The dreaded stairs descent is gone and replaced with short section of fresh cut sidehill, YaY!   

The Dirt Derby is coming up fast, this August 15th

Registration starts 10:00

Racers meeting 12:45

1 o'clock start.




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