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Kanawha Trace Overview


Sooo long 2006!  Congratulations to those that have broken their new years resolution and got back to the status quo.  I am still holding to mY resolutions of sitting in the lazy boy and watching more useless television.   Keep packing on those  extra  pounds.   Drink  more  beers and eat all the ice cream that I can.   All that  is so easy  when  you  see  old  man  time  off in  my  kind  of  style,  on  the last day of 2006 .  

Winter is Finally Here - wet and cold conditions can be a detrimental motivator to getting out.  Find those small weather windows and do battle with elements.  Having the right gear will determine who comes out ahead.  Now is the time to establish a base with long slow rides.  Back off the pace and take the wind chill off, work up the body oven and slog it out.  Look for gravel and higher less travel lines to keep clear of the mud.

-- just pretend this is a link to more photos --

11/10  Athens, GA;  The Fall Tour is quickly becoming a favorite despite the fact that I have broken something on both trips.  Missed out big time on the last days timed section as I nursed a broken frame off  Big Ridge trail. It is quite a bit laid back down South and the hospitality is defiantly high spirited.  The days are short this time of the year but when you spend all day on the bike and all evening by a fire, it doesn't really  matter.    Kind folk,  new trails  and some  things  you  don't  see  every day  (8 meg movie)    is a fine way to wrap up a season of FAT rides.  Sorry guys for not getting photos posted - maybe before next year!


11/5  Cruising along some point in the Wayne National Forest.  It was all a blur, the day long epic hosted by our bud Nate and his crew laying down the single tracks all over the Marietta, Ohio area.  Lots of of trails right out the front door and into the woods.  A lot of single track made just the way I like it - one track at a time.  A little more than a dirty dozen riders made up the group.  I got lost, or did I?  Andy flatted broke a wheel but managed to bring it home.  Till I get things posted here enjoy Mer's recap at Athens Bicycle  Hope to be spending some quality time on the the bike so the post may lag a bit.  So be it.  Getting the good stuff before it gets truly nasty - then it will be time to get the nasty while you can. 


10/21 A couple of days in the woods taking in the cool air and groovin to the Fall colors  Fall Out (17.8MB)

10/14  A fabulous weekend east of the eastern continental divide to ride the mountains of West Virginia! Got hooked up with Nate and crew to play on Spruce Knob and the Huckleberry trail on Saturday for a little priming for the huge full pull on the (gnarly) North Mountain Trail the next day.  A convergence of riders form MA, PA, VA and WVA kicked off the day at a frigid 7:15 for some mellow backroad riding before hitting 25 miles of trail - all above 3000ft!  So many scenic vistas and some vivid fall foliage led to sensory overload.  The ride was great.  The shutterbugging lagged behind.  Look for some more photos to be posted at Shenandoah Mountain Touring

Looking Down on Seneca Rocks



(9/30  Hurricane, WV:  10:15 roll call, lucky 13 riders head out for a full day in the saddle to partake in a point to point crossing of the Kanawha Trace.     photos and recap

Athens Bicycle  has a great report on the weekend festivities

Check out the coverage on The Dirt Derby in Huntington's Local Paper

Jim Pike, the originator of this here very website and one of the original instigators of some of the trails in the park, made the trip from Texas to partake in all three days of riding and racing, has some interesting data from some of the weekends festivities on his new Blog 



9/10  The big FAT group ride (Andy an me) on 1/2KT to set the tour pace for this year's  Western Assault.  After the 1 hour prologue approach it was 15 miles of the Kanawha Trace in 3:20 to the top of Barkers Ridge.   For the most part the line is defined, with just a couple noted navigational challenged areas to be addressed.  Dwayne has been on top of all the fine grooming work on the Dirt Derby Track, prepping Barboursville Park for a fat tire over dose.  WVMBA comes to town on the first day of October, to determine this year's Series Champions

  Another Fine Day (20MB)

featuring the the trails from the 1/2KT not necessarily in order




t9/3  Racing from dusk well into the night for some at the Shenandoah Mountain 100.  "The Year of Ernesto" as it was dubbed for 2006.  The weather looked scary in the week leading up to ride.  I was mentally prepared to be the water, at least I wouldn't be sweating my scrawny    off.  But a week's worth of rainy and grey skies evaporated into a blue jay day over Crows,  at the Virginia line on Saturday, and kept soaring into Sunday for an exceptional day to be on the bike all day.

I had a great race by sticking to  "plan A" before attention deficit kicked in about the 65 mile mark.  The 20 mile sole crusher up Shenandoah Mountain seen a fade that just wouldn't go away.  One of these years I will figure it out, but this year I finished once again with those coasting blues.

catching just a little of the whole lot... 

Coasting Blues (22.5 MB)

'cept the gnarly fast - when it's both hands and more



8/13  Bridge Day was knocked out in short order, making the drop off Overlook Point around mile 27 on the KT a little bit less insane.  Chris Jarvis brought out the big gun to nail together the oak planks, and Dave Reeves pitch in some tools, even if he don't know about it.   Andy and myself set them in place, then proceed to check out the ride, with the double back bonus leg just to make sure they where still there.  In keeping to the tight standards of the Trace and our low budget (zero dollars) the foot bridges measure up at  a narrow 15".   Point and shoot ! 

Bridge Day (18.7MB)

I've been all around looking for the thrill of new and challenging trail.  It is beautiful to come back to discover that love right in your own back yard.

8/12 Riding the sport course on the Dirt Derby track...

Jay gets fired from being a camera-man (1.6MB)



8/2 Cool runnings along Big Cabell(1.28 MB)

The heat and the lack of dowsing bottle may be the only thing from keeping the record from being shattered, or at least a little dented.  Fastest time of the day crossed the line at 30:20 thank you very much.  May I have another.  Andy set the  bench mark at 38:20 for single-speed.  Rabbits were gunned down by the top of the first climb making the chase more intriguing, a least for a little bit. 

7/29 How long can this go on?  Another sampling from Saturday's ride west on the Kanawha Trace and into Barboursville Park.

King for a day  (16.3 MB)

  7/26 Media intervals on the group ride produced another head turning video.  Featuring some of the technical terrain features that either make you love it or hate it, and maybe both.

pump the track, (6.87MB)

are the moves needed to reel in a sub30 Time Trial leg.  World Record condition?  We will have to wait to see.


7/23 Blew off two opportunities to race this weekend and used the time to sit back and try my hand at putting together my first video.  A lazy recovery day after making the long turn down Guyan Creek after Bear Hollow.  Found out why the road does not follow the elusive creek.  A late start on the day and I was happy to make it out of the lost woods before dark.  Watching the sunset over Greenbottom had an eerie feel to when you know you will be pedaling the road over an hour in the dark. 

The video that will turn heads  (17.5MB)

A sample of the dirt traveled over the past few days, only some of the clips where recorded early this spring.  Riding on the local dirty roads and rowdy trails with my mug spouting off shit about absolutely nothing. 

Plus the latest offering from the last day of the Tour de Burg.  Rain forced us to leave the stage, for the sake of the trails.  A replacement short-track was organized that featured this preem...

Racing For a Big Tall One   5.31 MB (5,569,648 bytes)

click on the photo below for 2006 TdB photo montage


HANGING IT UP... June 24 - It feels strange to be home for a weekend, hopefully get the recharge needed to attack (more appropriate my case, attend) the six days of six stages on this the eleventh year of rolling slum that is officially know as the Tour de Burg.

It kicks ass.  


 24 at Big Bear June 10&11 2006,  I head up to help out (or help destruct) around the camp for the Gun Show that feature a couple of teams from Athens and the Dou Pro team of CarP and Buck.  Attendance for the Gun Show reach all time high levels.  The number of teams racing at GG's self proclaimed premiere event seen a reported increase of only two teams,  This may not be precisely accurate, but if you really care, go check for yourself.  My feeling is that the present number of teams leaves the camping venue near capacity for a non-sardine-like, and relaxed atmosphere.  The race course on the other hand could stand up to twice the number of riders,  spectating at times was a bit lonely affair.  Lots of WV teams visited the podium taking in the available 22 classes of teams.  All the results can be had at the events web page at granny gear.  Athens Bicycle is working up all the photos from around camp into an "extravaganza"  that should be, well, extravagant. 




The last stop of a long day in the saddle - you can see it was a biggee.  Eleven riders taking in the full 13+ hour pull touring the goods of Pisgah Nat'l Forest.  The weather was spot on perfect if you like it cool.   A Hole has his photo's posted on Flickr.  Don't expect much on updates till after this weekend's 24 hour race at Big Bear.  sometime. really








 (5.30.6)  Working with the DIRT committee the track has been set and distances for classes set at 22, 16, and 10mi selected.  Course marking should be appearing by the end of next month.                                                                                                                       (3.22.6)  Working with the park board, overnight primitive camping has been approved for racers and crew around Lake William at park.  Restroom facilities but no showers at this time.  All the members of the board seemed very receptive to a bunch of bikers overrunning the ground in the park.                                                                                                                                (1.6.6)   The WVMBA meeting in Flatwoods the 2006 race schedule was voted on and members approved a 13 race points series.  The Challenge at Mountwood once again will be the Series opener while the The dirt Derby (Oct 1st) at Bville Park will be the final and championship (required) race.  Another new race to the series will be the Race to the Hills (Aug 6th) at Hope Lake in Athens Ohio as an exchange points race, with the Ohio Series.  With the Trace (May 28th) and the Black Bear (Sept 24th) in nearby Charleston that's 5 worthy races within about an hour's drive.  Enough to qualify for series class standings within the WVMBA race series!  The complete schedule will be posted soon enough at the WVMBA site and complete details on the Derby can be found right here.   (5.30.6)  Working with the DIRT committee the track has been set and distances for classes set at 22mi 16mi and 10mi selected.  Course marking should be appearing by the end of next month



Beech Fork Association of Trails

Barboursville's Fun Awesome Trails


bFAT is an informal group of riders who appreciate the land and ride for a healthy well being.



Beech Fork is mostly a single track trail that follows around the lake leading into a combination of creek bed, hill climb, and fast downhill back to the lake.  Barboursville's Park has some nice runs from the top with  numerous scenic overlooks from the  sheer  cliffs and  steeep drops. The single track that follows the river and comes out behind the lake - is where the real fun can begin or end. Click on the link at top of page - above (right or left) to see a map!    The  Kanawha Trace and Adahi Trails are 32 mile and  17 mile multi user trails crossing over private land.  Check with the Tri-State Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America for trail information and registration.


bFAT email groupo<----click here  Become a part of an e-group forum that will let all subscribers communicate (free!). Send an e-mail with the word "join" in the subject or body and you'll get hooked up with other riders, to do fun group rides, get trail info and conditions, technical advice, etc.









bnbbnbvnvjvgjvgjgjgjvbv ggnfhfhfhfhfhfhfh

crossing the Tallulah River on day 4 of the Fall Tour  Georgia

Four days riding to and in the Southern Nantahala Wilderness wrapped up a great year of riding.  Now it's tome to lay back and let some old bones  heal.



getting as high as you can in WVA - more from Spruce Mountain Tour




9.4.05  Shenandoah Mountain 100

Chris Scott kicks starts the day and the race with last minute details.

   A long holiday with a 100 mile backcountry mountain bike race was just the ticket for over  300 crazy bikers.  It felt good to be right "at home". 

the 100 hurt me so slow all morning long
started with the leaders and Carp's blazing lead-out on the paved downhill
followed by quick drift back and then a total meltdown before making it to the third of six checkpoints
there was  no gas till after lunch
then it was passing peoples for 6 more hours
always on the Labor Day weekend.





24 Hours and 15minutes

photo gallery

Delta 9ers

craig watson - andy cremeans - diesel powers eric cutlip - and scruffy

The post race drunken  interview -  did you expect something else?  Those that know me know how I am and how I can be.  Sure, I was there to save the day - but only after I lost it with the team's slowest lap stumbling around in the dark.  It surely was an honor to be a part of the team of riders, wrencher, masseuse, cooks, and all the support that helped pulled off the big win.  And I do need to mention Chad Miller of the Baltimore Bush Doctors who gave me his Nightrider so I could finish my night lap, after both my lights left me in the dark right before the downhill.  Chad - defining sport and class in the sport class.  Thanks for keeping it fun!

The Big Bear course rocked, I didn't expect anything less.  Rider/Owner Mark Schooley has been laying out tracks there for years - they are always top notch.  The all camping venue was a big hit - parking your car and riding your bike for the weekend is always bonus. 



  Team bFAT pulled out the stops to finish the Pisgah MTB Adventure, Andy on his hard tail while I plodded along on the single speed.  For which I earned a  Kick Ass Cog courtesy of Endless Bikes.  These are the guys that inspired the cutting edge freak bike that rocked the course.  Check out their novel two speed option.

Eric Cutlip and teammate Marshall Hance kept it big knocking out all five checkpoints for a two hour time credit.  results are up at  the Bio-Wheels site.

The race promoter did a good job Eric Wever and his friendly volunteers made this big day in the mountains possible.  Everything went smooth on the rocky course.  Well maybe not that smooth - click on bFAT recap and you decide. 

This is like our same ol' story; enter a race, don't know the course, look up and realize your going the wrong way, don't win, but  Jeremiah Bishop's Weblog  has his own recap.


---click on the tit for photo gallery---

Ohhhh!  pleasure mixed with pain. Faster - Harder - Deeper.  Just don't blow your wad - oops too late.  No this is not a special moment with the DVD remote, it's the start of the first race of the season; Athens Bicycle's annual Gravel Rouser.  A 10AM tour start departed the crack house annex as promptly as needed for the day long tour that included a 15 mile trail race.

The rude awaking of the first race of the year, some may have already had the feeling in Texas, but this was my first for '05.  Bringing nothing to the table but shit talking cockiness - I found myself pulling  the in-vain hole shot that was impromptuly awarded to me, before blowing off (to the back) faster than a prom date's dress.  Never less new dry trails with fresh bench cuts, reroutes,  raking and all the work that was evident helped make this a great day long extravaganza.

The East's MtB dizney land, Douthat State Park

check out Virtual Ride Show  for more photos

for more info

















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