March 19, Athens Ohio;  20 mile out bound tour - 15 mile single track race - 20 slummy mile return

just one day of a weekend of Athens Bicycle festivities

The Gravel Rouser's first place men's and race hostess

3 fast wheels. what a kick watching these kids have a blast! other peoples kids - can be the most fun

need to step up the camera skills to capture trailer pulling tandems... have to settle for paul's mug

sportin the blue and yellow ribbons from the previous nights grab and git

Moonville tunnel

sometimes spots just to take it in is what makes being out on the bike so much fun.

Lake Hope

the trail work was massive! much of the area has seen a total rework . moocho de kudo

race officials meet before annoucing the day's winner

waitin for the back of the pack...

...high on Lookout Rock

single speed's are like children - they can be more fun when they are some one else's

Thanks to Pete and Mer - plus everybody else that helped pull off such a great event!

it's legal

MAN I love those number plates