272 days


Starting with the new year I am counting them down, it seemed like last year I was enjoying a fixed gear ride on the beach on Jan 1st then next thing your know it was the first of August and I was nowhere near where I wanted to be.  Which was okay, last year was the first year in a 5 year plan of this plan, so there was not much disappointment with it going to a "dry run".  

Now in year two I realize that this may be my best chance to reach my goal.  To get there the plan is baby steps.  Everyday.  Whether it be physically, mentally or mechanically, something everyday that will take me closer to where I want to be.

So if you are reading this and you know me, you may know what this is  I am talking about, otherwise I am going to leave it a little foggy.  It's no big secret, but just like a bike ride on some mountain shrouded in fog and clouds,  it can be a good way to enjoy a journey.

day 1.  Start a blog.  done.

I realize the need for a winter training bike, or beater if you will.  Something steel, you know to keep it real.  Minimal parts shuffle over to an old Kona Explosive frame, set up rigid and fixed  is a good place to start for the simplicity of it.  Took it for a shake down ride fully realizing that it will be have to converted over to gears in the near future, because there is a need to be training some that way, from here on out.  





271 days

Packed my bag.  I need to find a place for all the items that are going with me.  Everything needs a place and I  figure now is as good of a time as any to put things in there place.  I do not want to be wasting time and energy trying to put my hands on things, and I figure by the end 271 days the place where things are, might be well ingrained in my mind.  I tried this about a month ago, but it got away from me. 

I realize that the bag on my back is probably not the bag that I will be going with, but for now I am going with what I got.  I am looking at an  Osprey pack purchase down the line, as soon as I can figure out which one.  

From this point on I started living out of this bag.  Nicely loaded with water and minimal food this extra 13.5 pounds accompanies me along on my rides up and down stairs at the house and any other chance I can get .  More weight to come.



269 days

This is the day I decide that I will not be blogging every single day.

265 days

Some where in here somewhere I blow the lock ring off the Paul hub.  I strip the remaining parts off the Stumpjumper hardtail and build up the Exploder  to gears and start to get used to being all geared, heavy  and slow.


257 days

Watch this clip of Matthew Lee .  I have ridden with Matt so I can gauge some perspective from his mindset during this race.  His word about a "strong core" haunts my thoughts for days.

259 days

Started Yoga with a 7 minute regime  (need to work on duration).

258 days

Yoga regime up to 15 minutes.  I am on a roll now!

257 days

Didn't ride today (Saturday) because it would be the first time I had to ride in 20 degree temps this winter.  I may be spoiled

255 days

 4 hour 1x9 Exploder ride with The mayor KSF bootleg.  Mindset of 2hour hike bikes  looms in the back of my head.  I need more of this.  Riding with Dave at a little higher intensity due to the fact that we at about the same level of competitors.  Noted a diminished mental capacity in things like open zippers and a dropped camera.  Need to tighten up. 

256 days






















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